Alone In The Wild? : Tips To Tackle The Worst-Case Scenario

Alone In The Wild? : Tips To Tackle The Worst-Case Scenario

Alone In The Wild? : Tips To Tackle The Worst-Case Scenario

Going into the wilderness may be adventurous and exciting, but there are quite a few things that may go wrong. What’s the worst that could happen? One could get lost in the wild, get attacked by a ferocious animal or run out of food and water supplies. There’s no need to be alarmed, here are a few tips to tackle the worst-case scenario that may occur while you’re out in the wild.

Tips To Tackle the Worst-Case Scenario

The arduous journey into the wild, that one may embark on, might lead to some troubling events such as:

  • Getting Lost In the Woods.

In this case, use the STOP technique.

S – Stay calm.

Panicking and becoming paranoid will not make the situation any better, therefore, take a few deep breaths to relax so you can think clearly.

T – Think.

Try to recall any particular places you had passed on your way. If you had noticed a group of people nearby or the direction you were traveling in. Any clue would help you in getting back to your original track.

O – Observe.

It would be best if you’re able to determine which direction is north or south, having a compass will make this easier. Look for even the smallest details in your path, like footprints and the direction they’re headed towards.

P – Plan.

Decide which direction you will be walking in. This time, try to leave hints at places you’ve already been at so you avoid getting lost again.


  • You’re Stock of Food and Water Has Run Out.

The first step will be to find a source of water that is safe and healthy. Try to look for a spring or collect morning dew, make sure the water is clean or you can fall sick from water-borne bacteria.


Two of the most basic tasks to know before stepping into the wild are knowing how to build a fire and how to hunt. Your knowledge of Man Vs Wild comes into play here, in which they teach how to hunt sheep and use their Merino Wool to stay warm. Similarly, you can try to hunt rabbits or turkeys and if that seems like a difficult task then conifers and berries can be used as a food supply.


  • Being Attacked By a Wild Animal.

If you encounter any wild animal, do not run. That is the first step taught by all wildlife experts. If the animal is a bear, try to slowly back away and hide, if it still comes close, and playing dead will be the safest option. In the case of a Wolf or Coyote, yelling at the animal might be helpful or dangling a knife or any sharp object at the animal may hint to them that you are armed and can counterattack.

Most importantly, don’t even consider going into the wild without a medical kit, you never know what trouble you may get caught up in.

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