Get Car Repaired At Your Home With RepairSmith
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Get Car Repaired At Your Home With RepairSmith

Get Car Repaired At Your Home With RepairSmith

Are you someone that hates the hassles that come with getting work done to your car? Have you had an experience with a mechanic that left a bad taste in your mouth? We all have an experience or two where you paid more for added services you didn’t request. Recently, my son’s car wouldn’t start, and we didn’t want to pay a towing fee, so we searched mobile mechanics.

In this day and age, we were shocked that wasn’t many to choose from. We settled for one and this person was dressed in plain clothes, plus it didn’t feel like a business. After the service was done, we wondered why isn’t there a legitimate business for situations like this? If you live in the Los Angeles, San Diego or Bay Area you have a great service called RepairSmith. RepairSmith is also based out in Las Vegas with plans on expansion.

What Exactly Is RepairSmith?

RepairSmith was started in Los Angeles in 2018 and has served the surrounding area since, including Orange County and San Diego. We all take luxury in doing basic maintenance to our cars, but could use help in other areas. RepairSmith want to provide a highly-skilled mechanic every day of the week. After having a mechanic come directly to my home to fix a car, this is perfect for my lifestyle. In the past,

I’ve always hated waiting in a room for 60-to-90 minutes at a time. There are so many things to be done than wait, RepairSmith helps with that. Have you ever had car trouble at work before? If so, they will send a technician to your office or workplace. RepairSmith is also qualified for more than just an oil change or brake work. Below are several services they provide to you in the comforts of home.

  • Replace Front Pads
  • Replace Spark Plugs
  • Replace Rear Brake Pads
  • Replace Catalytic Converter
  • Transmission Rebuild/Replace
  • Service Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Replace Alternator
  • Replace Front Brake Rotors

Get Car Repaired At Your Home With RepairSmith

How Does RepairSmith Work?

All technicians are equipped with company vans and state-of-the-art tools and equipment allowing them to handle about 85% of repairs on-site. There will be times where major work will need to be done and your driveway isn’t the place. If shop-level tools are required, car owners can drop off at one of our fully-vetted shops. They’re making the entire car repair experience easy from start to finish by offering upfront pricing, online booking, after-hours support, and a service warranty.

RepairSmith stand behind all work with a 12-month / 12,000-mile warranty. You can follow and keep up with RepairSmith on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With upfront pricing, a great warranty and convenience, what’s not to like about RepairSmith?

My Final Thoughts

With plans of expansion this year, I’m hoping and praying they come to the Atlanta area. Seeing I’ve experienced at-home service on my car, this would be perfect for everyone. It would be great to go online and order service to be done on your vehicle. What’s even better is that the price would be upfront, so you don’t get hit with phantom charges. For the people in the Los Angeles and Bay Area, you’re very lucky to experience RepairSmith.

What are your thoughts about RepairSmith? Would this be something you would use or recommend to others? After reading about RepairSmith, leave some feedback below about any highlights of the service.

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