What Should Every Writer Know About Their Computer

What Should Every Writer Know About Their Computer

Technology has made our lives easier, especially if you’re someone who loves to pick up a pen and paper and write out your ideas and thoughts. With the use of PCs and your pocket smartphones and/or tablets, we all do it some way, shape or form; social media posts, the notes app on our phones etc., and technology really helps to foster the creativity that some of us hold dear.

If you’re a writer, whether you make liberal use of Microsoft Word, or you’re crafting emails every moment of the day, there’s some basics you need to get a hold of to ensure your computer literate. Let’s go through the main ones below.

What Should Every Writer Know About Their Computer

Bad Grammar? There’s an App for That!

Are you someone who finds it hard to spell words correctly? Are you also terrible at knowing where to put your punctuation? Maybe you just like to know your sentences flow well? Well, there’s an app for each one of these potential problems, and you can make use of it for free!

You’ve probably seen the adverts for Grammarly, but there are always other shortcuts and buttons you can add to your browser if you’d prefer to work with something different. And something like Hemingway Editor is good for anyone who wants to work on their structure, and if you’re never quite sure how to put a paragraph together.

That You Can Set Up Writing Templates

This is one for those of us who use the online world to publish writing; if you have a website of your own, or a blog, pre made and set templates ensure you build your brand consistently, with the same writing tone and style every time.

You can set up a writing template if you have the right software to do so – and don’t worry, it’s much easier to find, download, and install such software than you might first think. Visit a site like https://www.templafy.com/ to check out one such application you could make use of – if you can use templates to quickly fill in and put online whenever you need to make a new blog post or social media status, this is how you can quickly pass the time and keep on schedule.

Keyboard Commands Can Save Time

And finally, if you’re someone who writes a lot and must keep the momentum and energy up for editing your writing as well, it’s time to learn your keyboard shortcuts. They cut down the time you spend doing the fiddly parts of writing on a computer, and you always feel a bit more tech savvy when you know them off by heart. You can find a full list of standard keyboard commands right here, as they’re too numerous to list off one by one!

If you’re a writer, make sure you’re using your computer effectively. You’ve got a lot to get on with, and technology is the base of innovation, so use it!

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