Home Defense: 4 Best Guns So Far
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Home Defense: 4 Best Guns So Far

Home Defense: 4 Best Guns So Far

A baseball bat will not provide you much physical protection or mental assurance if a break-in happens while your whole family is at home. Many people have taken over the duty and power to arm themselves correctly for the security of their families, property, and themselves.

There’s not much reason why you should not be ready for the possibility of a break-in for the same reasons. Below are four guns that will keep you and your whole family safe during a home invasion. Also don’t forget to browse proreviewly.com to discover selecting a gun safe before choosing the best gun for your home safety.

Smith & Wesson Governor and Taurus Judge

Surely, the concept or thought of a shotgun pistol has fascinated and drawn the curiosity of the people over the years. However, the first company to make that idea into a reality was Taurus.

The idea was converted into a true to life home defense option along with the launch of their economical and popular Judge revolver, chambered in .45 Long Colt and .410 Bore. Moreover, Smith & Wesson abided by the Taurus’s action with the recent introduction of their Governor model. Keep in mind that it’s the only point-in-time Smith & Wesson has followed suit the tracks of Taurus.

Additionally, the .410 Bore undoubtedly does not have the power or capacity of 12 or 20 gauge. Even so, one thing’s for sure, a criminal or burglar will know that they have been hit if they are shot by one. On the other hand, the .45 Long Colt hollow points.

Even though it’s quite high-priced, the .45 LC can deliver more power and precision compared to the .410 bore. The upper hand of the Governor is that it can chamber .45 Auto with moon clips, and it holds one more round. On the flip side, Judge plausibly has more grip and lower price. Nevertheless, both guns will undoubtedly get the job done for home defense.

Smith & Wesson 686 and Ruger GP100

Revolvers or wheel guns don’t have the same power as a semi-auto pistol. Also, reloading times takes a lot of time. These are the drawbacks you need to consider when planning to get a revolver.

However, several advantages and benefits still make the classic revolver a must-have for home defense. Unlike semi-auto pistols, revolvers are fundamentally more reliable and simpler; this means that revolvers are a better option for those who do not like the complexity of a semi-automatic or relatively inexperienced with guns.

Take the .357 Magnum wheel gun, for instance. It is an extremely powerful and capable revolver that has gained fame for being a one-shot stopper. The gun is sure to impede a burglar.

What’s more, it can chamber .38 Specials, which are relatively more affordable to shoot and give less recoil. Some of the best revolvers available in many online firearms stores, like https://gunhub.com.au/, include the Smith & Wesson 686 and Ruger GP100.

If you’re looking for something affordable, then opt for the GP100. Unlike the 686, the GP100 is more durable and affordable. It’s designed to shoot an immense number of .357 rounds due to its cylinder and frame. On the other hand, the 686 has a smoother hammer pull, smoother trigger, and a nicer finish.


The increasing number of home invasions and break-ins has all one thing in common: multiple intruders. So, if there are many people with malicious or ill intentions entering your house, you will need more than a handgun or shotgun.

In this situation, you might need a semi-automatic rifle. For the most part, shotguns aren’t that capable for these cases. Also, pistols might leave you outgunned if burglars are armed with knives or handguns.

The better option here is a semi-automatic rifle, like an AR-15. This gun will offer you a longer range, greater capacity, and more velocity, unlike a handgun. Moreover, there are other excellent semi-auto rifles available out there, such as IWI Tavor and AK-47. You want to make sure your ar-15 is ready at all times, so make use of something like these ar-15 cleaning tips in order to keep it in the best condition possible and running for a long time.

Glock 17/19

For your home defense, any mid to the full size duty pistol (9mm) will work well because they are affordable to train thanks to the low cost of 9mm ammunition, have a moderate coil, and carry lots of rounds. Many companies make high-quality pistols that will surely serve you well, for instance, Walther, Taurus, Springfield, and more.

Moreover, even if you don’t want to use a handgun as your main defense, do not disregard it as a backup.


One effective way to stop an intruder with a firearm is a gun, which can help save your life and your family. So, if you are searching for a powerful, effective home defense weapon, then the firearms listed in this article will help you out. These options can protect and secure you, your family, and your valuables. When choosing a gun for home defense, get something that’s competent, safe, and offers you the much-needed peace of mind.

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