Amazing Features to Look Out For in Carpet Shampooers
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Amazing Features to Look Out For in Carpet Shampooers

Amazing Features to Look Out For in Carpet Shampooers

For you to be able to keep your carpet clean, you need to get the best carpet shampooer. The best is the one that has features which are important for effective carpet cleaning. The following are some of the features that you should check out before considering a carpet shampooer to be the best.

  • Suction: There is a need for a carpet cleaner to have a suction cup that is strong, so that, it will be able to suck in as much shamppoo as possible from the carpet when you are doing the cleaning. If you get a carpet shampooer that has heavy-duty brushes and water jets that are powerful but a suction which is weak, the carpet will be clean but damp at the end of the cleaning.
  • Water heaters: Though carpet cleaners don’t use steam in the actual sense, there are some which generate a lot of water vapor to the extent they seem to be using steam. But there are systems that use hot water but heat up the water.

A good carpet cleaner has the capacity to heat lukewarm water while the best will keep the water hot so that to add warmth. In the process, the cleaning solution is kept warm and very effective as you continue to do your work.

But in case you are looking to sanitize your carpet without having to use chemical cleaners, then you should go for a steam carpet cleaner. They are the ones that utilize steam, which the normal carpet cleaners are not in a position to.

  • Scrub brushes that are thorough: Though overlooked, it is a critical feature to check out when purchasing carpet shampooers. Will the brush be able to remove juice stains that have dried on the carpet? Will the mess which the puppy has created is removed from the carpet? And will they, apart from removing what is on the surface, also remove what is seeping into the carpet?

Another important factor to consider is how tough the brushes are on the carpet. If you place the carpet shampooer on the spot to get out a deep stain and it then happens to rip off your carpet, is it a worthy tradeoff?

  • Maneuverability: Machines for carpet cleaning tend to be much heavier, harder and bulkier to move around as compared to a vacuum cleaner. Even the spot cleaners tend to be hard to use when you compare them to hand held vacuum cleaners.
  • The ease of being able to empty the dirty water tank: The ease of being able to empty the water tank of its dirty water should be considered as the ability to fill the tank with clean water. This is due to the fact that dirty water spilling around causes a nasty, new mess while clean water spilling can be resolved easily by drying the area using a fan.

Most units use dirty water tanks that are nested inside the clean water tanks so that, in order to empty, you have to manipulate both. If you get an ideal machine, it should have the two tanks separated so that, it will be easy to remove the dirty water without having to touch the clean water tank.

You need also to check out how easy it should be to get all the debris and dirty water out of the tank that holds the dirty water. If there are no crannies and hooks on the dirty water tank which has the capacity to trap the gunk or debris in it for easier removal, it is possible for the machine to start stinking within no time.

  • Clean and dirty water tanks separated: This feature is normally forgotten in most cases when people are in the market looking out for a carpet cleaner. You should not be in the statistics. If you want to clean floors and are doing much more than just spot cleaning, then you have to seriously consider this particular feature.

If the shampooer has a single tank for both clean and dirty water, chances are that the dirty water which you pull up will get mixed up with the clean water, making it even dirtier. The results at the end of it all is that the areas which you clean last might become dirtier than it was before you cleaned it.

If you check out the above features carefully before settling for the carpet shampooer of your choice, then you will automatically get good value for your money. It will give you service and ensure that your carpet is left sparkling clean with no messes around.

Your cleaning will be smooth with no much hassle as you will have picked the best out of the many in the market. Armed with your budget, get something that will work better than a vacuum cleaner by ensuring that, all the sipped in dirt together with the surface dirt is removed from your carpet.

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