6 Ways Influencers Can Control and Market Products
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6 Ways Influencers Can Control and Market Products

6 Ways Influencers Can Control and Market Products

This coming July will mark ten years that I’ve been blogging. I’ll be honest, those years have flown by and a lot has changed over the years. At the beginning, you had to have a strong presence on Facebook and that was about it. Twitter came along, then Pinterest and other platforms were starting to form. Instagram started to become popular and Vine came out of nowhere. My kids keep me on my feet as to what’s popular these days. Snapchat burst upon the scene and is still one of the top social media platforms for many influencers.

Lately, TikTok is the latest and greatest in social media and has become the fastest rising social media platforms. With it being 2020, there are so many ways to become or remain an influencer and be successful at it. Let’s check out 6 ways to influence others.

Dad Blogger

One of my first niches when I started blogging was parenting. During that time, my kids were between the ages of 11 and 5 years old. There are still great dad bloggers out there that offers a great deal of advice. You can google dad bloggers or you can check out this influencer also. Two of my kids are adults now and my youngest is about to turn 15-years-old on Sunday. There are times that I’ll pass on advice on Twitter, but I’m not writing too much about it on my site. One of the most difficult thing to get is followers. You can get many free followers here and that’ll attract more customers to you.

Couples Working Together

We have a bevy of mom and dad websites all over the internet. Nowadays, there’s been a lot of couples sharing their life for the world to see. We have companies that’s eager to work with men and women, but the family aspect is the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for a power couple on Instagram, looking no further than royalty. The official Duke and Duchess of Sussex have over 11 million followers. While many couples have separate social media accounts, maybe they should work together.

Workplace Marketing

Many influencers like myself have full-time jobs to go along with being a blogger. During my entire time I’ve been blogging it’s been done with a full-time job. Throughout the years, I’ve used my workplace to help promote a product or show myself at work with it. Whether you’re working in the office, construction, manufacturing or anything else, there’s opportunities for you. With social media growing so much, you don’t need a blog anymore just have a great presence online.

Sports Marketing

There is always a chance to make money being a sports influencer. Throughout the years I’ve worked with the NFL, college football, MLB, WWE, NBA, WNBA and some local sports also. Since sports is probably what I’m familiar with the most, this has become my favorite. Sports is such a big part of my life that I’ve made a site that’s only sports-related content. Sports talk with Travis is my new site and it pretty much speaks for itself.

Fashion and Grooming

My kids are always talking about swag and fashion. These days men care about there looks just as much as the women. We care about what we wear and having our shoes compliment our fit also. One of my favorite things to check out is watches. While fashion is great, companies have continued to target men for grooming products. I’ve worked with companies like Dove Men Care and Gillette for years.


While parenting was my first choice of promoting, music was definitely a close second. Music is something I’ve loved all my life and will continue to support forever. Luckily, I’ve connected with a lot of talented independent artists from all over the world. Music is one form of entertainment influencers are involved with. Movies is something we’ve had our hand in whether it’s promoting a premier, DVD release or anything related to it. Most of the times It doesn’t involve posting on your blog, it could be a tweet or an Instagram post. As long as you have great internet service, anything is possible when working from home.

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