Most Amazing Unique Wedding Themes From 2019
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Most Amazing Unique Wedding Themes From 2019

The last decade has changed the face of weddings and introduced us to themes we would never have dreamed of. From TV-based themes like The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones to whimsical and delightful themes like the Bohemian and South-inspired themes, 2019 was the highlight of everything good about the last decade of weddings. In this article, we feature the top four themes that stood out for us in 2019, mainly because they are sure to remain relevant in 2020. Read on to get inspired!

Most Amazing Unique Wedding Themes From 2019

Youthful and Whimsical

We’re talking bright colors, artsy abstract backdrops, unlikely signage, and lots (lots) of balloons. Balloons on the walls and on the chandeliers. Balloon accents on the table – basically everything balloon – just none of those tacky balloon arches though!

There are tons of ways to play the fun and whimsical wedding themes, but it features bold, warm colors in large, abstract prints. You can replace floral arrangements everywhere, including on the bouquets. One bridal party had artificial bouquets made to look like cotton candy.

If you want to go retro in addition to being whimsical, rent an extra-large disco ball and bring back the eighties and nineties like they were last year. We’ve seen a lot of retro themes making a comeback in the last two years.

Desert Chic

Most Amazing Unique Wedding Themes From 2019

Desert chic is gaining popularity, especially if you live in hotter states, but it can be done anywhere else. The Desert chic can be achieved by complementing your decor with centerpieces that feature flowers, cactus’s, and succulents, as well as terracotta bowls.

Add images and designs of cactus’s and succulents to your wedding stationery, as well as any custom prints, such as wine labels, napkins, and wedding signage. You can take your spirits of adventure a notch higher by actually traveling to a desert – you’ll enjoy those bright orange sunsets against a backdrop of ink-colored clouds and mountains. Evening and night weddings are more palatable, as the weather is also more accommodating.

For your color palette, you have two options: warm and dusky or bold and colorful, but the best themes merge the two. With this theme, you can crossover elements of the rustic or Boho chic wedding without looking out of place, and there are plenty more ways to play it depending on your tastes.

Wedding in the Dark

Most Amazing Unique Wedding Themes From 2019

If you’re having a summer evening wedding, ditch the dome and tie the knot under the stars with plenty of tiny twinkling lights resembling the night sky. There’s an edgy appeal to weddings in the dark, notably more straightforward, outdoor types without the lavish domes and huge lights to turn the night into day.

Embrace vibrant shades of color such as midnight blue, plum, emerald greens, gold, and even black to create sensual mystery. Shimmering and sparkly gowns are a must, as the subtle lighting won’t overpower them. Decorate with soft textures and use lush floral arrangements and contrast to create a memorable wedding.

Of course, remember to ensure that you have enough lights for your guests to see; there’s nothing ethereal or sensual about squinting and bumping into one another! You can also use a barrel from WhiskeyMade as a guestbook.

Flowerless Weddings

From cotton candy décor to pampas grass, weddings are moving away from traditional floral to flowerless décor. There are different ways to do this:

  1. Using greenery in place of flowers for an eco-friendly wedding that pays tribute to Mother Nature. This is excellent when complemented by a vegan or vegetarian menu. Carbon consciousness is in!
  2. Nixing flowers altogether and replacing them with alternative materials such as balloons, lamps and lanterns, DIY ornaments, artificial flowers, etc.

If you’re going flowerless, it is imperative to ensure that you have an experienced planner working behind you – this is one of the harder themes to pull off. It’s easy to slide into the tacky in your quest for flowerless.


If you’re thinking about your wedding theme in 2020, stay true to who you are and what your love and wedding represent for you. You can cherry-pick various elements from different themes and bring them together to create something that’s uniquely you.

Regardless of your choices, having a good wedding planner or planning team behind you will help you bring together every little detail to make sure your day is perfect. Enjoy your wedding!

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