4 Helpful Tips on Choosing Your New Wheels

4 Helpful Tips on Choosing Your New Wheels

Being able to choose between a car and a motorbike is a choice that all vehicle-lovers will struggle with. You may hate the public transport as most do, and that leads you to choose between two very different vehicles on the road. So, without the crowded trains and buses thick with people shoulder to shoulder, you can find a better, more convenient way to travel on your own.

The problem is in the choice! You have the world of cars and motorbikes open to you, but which do you pick? And is your decision a smart one? Some people choose vehicles because of their safety aspect; let’s be honest here, the website thehadleylawfirm.com can talk you through whether you are safer on a motorbike over a car. You also have to consider which is more economical. A motorcycle may be great for your commute, but it’s not the smartest choice for family transport given here is only one driving seat and one pillion seat. Check the differences between the two below to help you to make a better decision.

4 Helpful Tips on Choosing Your New Wheels


Motorbikes have less technical gadgetry and take up much less space than a car does. A regular car can cost ten times more than a motorcycle, so if you are looking for a cheap ride, a bike may be the right thing for you. However, there is a lot less space, a lot weaker engine, and it doesn’t give you the same creature comforts as a car would! You also need to consider insurance, as you’ll likely find that bike insurance is cheaper than car or van insurance. Obviously, bike, car and van insurance is a must dependent on which vehicle you opt for, so this has to be something you consider.

Learning to Use

A car is a complicated machine, and learning to drive a car can take much longer than learning to ride a motorcycle. It would help if you considered what you are using it for and how a vehicle will cost more than a motorbike to learn to drive in it. Motorcycles, however, do not come with parking assist. They’re easy to learn to use and easy to maneuver around the roads, but they do take a much shorter time to learn how to use.


The car wins hands down in terms of safety. You are boxed in, which means that even in a car accident, you are better protected. Four wheels aren’t always the safest, but two wheels are far less safe. You can be a safe motorbike rider, but that doesn’t mean that others will have the same consideration for you on the road.


What would be convenient for you won’t be suitable for others. If you’re looking for a way to get to work and back, then a motorcycle could be just what you need. If you need something for the family, then a motorbike isn’t going to be the most useful thing in the world.

Choosing your wheels is not an easy choice, but you have to weigh up what you want from each of them and see what fits your life. Take a pen and make a list of what you want vs what you need and see which of these matches your expectations.

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