All About Golf Travel Bags: What You Need to Know
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All About Golf Travel Bags: What You Need to Know

All About Golf Travel Bags: What You Need to Know

One of the most adored sports, golf, is a game that initiates competition in a fun way while offering relief from stress and better social interaction. The beauty of this game is anyone, and everyone can indulge – from senior women to young, agile kids.

The game often requires you to travel along with your stick and other gears, which makes a golf travel bag a must-have for every golfer. Nothing can be more disheartening for a golf player than having to look for missing gears or have his favorite stick damaged.

These scenarios and other likely ones often affect the mindset negatively, which is why it’s paramount that you own the right golf travel bag to keep your stick and gears safe.

However, this can be challenging considering the plethora of options on the market, especially for newbies. Therefore, we’ve decided to discuss all you need to know about golf travel bags to ensure you make a smart decision. You will also need a nice golf cart to avoid walking and carrying those bags. If possible, get you one with a nice roof rack as it’ll add to your experience.

Categories of Golf Bag Travel Cases

There are two main categories – soft and hard-cover.

Hard Cover

If you are looking to invest in a travel bag for your equipment, then you should consider hard-cover golf bags. The hard bags feature solid exteriors and soft interiors to provide protection and cushion to your equipment against drops and bumps.

The interior fabric is usually made of flexible, high-quality materials and offers ample space to store your clubs. The unique combination of soft cradling interior and hard exterior cover provides golfers with maximum protection when traveling.

The hard-cover travel bag is ideal for people looking to bring or ship their clubs on a plane since it tossed and pulled around without damaging your contents. Keep in mind that this product comes with a salty price tag, but it’s definitely worth it for protecting your sticks and gears when traveling.

Soft Travel Bags

This is an ideal choice for golfers playing within a driving distance. The soft golf bags will help keep your equipment in excellent condition since your content will not likely be tossed or pulled around. It’s recommended for golfers, who often don’t leave their clubs for others to take care of.

They come with enough space to hold your cart bag and are extra padded on the inside to deliver maximum protection to clubs when heading to the golf field. Even better, many models feature rollers to allow golfers to pull them for easy and hassle-free transportation.

How to Pick the Right Golf Travel Bag


Padding System

This is an important, must-have feature of a golf bag. If a travel bag comes with a proper padding system, the unit will cover your clubs with soft pads to prevent damages. The padding system provides an additional protection layer to keep your contents safe.

You have a few options when picking the right Golf Travel bag. We, personally, highly recommend you search the Golf Travel bag buying guide.

Stand or Strap

It’s essential to consider the bag’s strap. You want to go for a golf bag with a durable strap. Similarly, golfers with a cart bag option in mind should check the unit’s stand to avoid having a bag that breaks on the way.


You don’t want to ignore this feature, especially if having your content well-organized is a priority for you. Dividers will not only ensure your valuable equipment is neatly arrange but offers additional protection. In our opinion, you should opt for a bag with various kinds of dividers.


A travel bag offering a large number of pockets will come in handy. Those pockets will help keep your golf caps, balls, gloves, etc. safe and organized. Different models are offering a varying number of pockets.

Also, you can opt for a zippered pocket design travel bag and waterproof feature to offer more reliable protection.


Owning a travel bag weighing more than 6lbs can be challenging to carry around. Therefore, it’s advisable to opt for a travel bag weighing less than 6lbs. Lightweight golf bags are often easier to carry around and make it less challenging for you when traveling from one place to another via a car or airplane.


If you’ll be investing in a golf travel bag, then it’s only right that you know it comes with a decent manufacturer’s warranty to protect your investment. Besides, a warranty can also be an excellent way to determine the level of confidence the manufacturer has in its products. However, most products often come with a year’s warranty.


Who doesn’t consider how much they are willing to shell out for a particular product? But, it would be best if you understood that because the product comes with a hefty price tag doesn’t mean it is the right choice. So also, bags with a low price tag does mean it’s not fit to protect your equipment. Nevertheless, you should always purchase a golf bag that won’t require you to break the bank.


In this article, we’ve been able to discuss the key things to look out for when purchasing a golf bag to protect your stick and other gears.

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