5 Reasons You Should Finally Give Baseball a Try
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5 Reasons You Should Finally Give Baseball a Try

5 Reasons You Should Finally Give Baseball a Try

Baseball is the great American pastime, but for some people, it never becomes a hobby or a sport they follow. You may have had a huge interest in baseball as a child, but your interest waned as you became an adult. These days people are always looking for ways to stay fit and socialize, and baseball is the perfect sport to accomplish both of these; it’s a two-for-one!

Joining an amateur baseball or softball team is the perfect way to meet new people, make new friends, and travel a little around your state while also staying fit and exercising. There are so many reasons to give baseball a try, but we’ve compiled our top five to help give you the motivation you need to get yourself out to the ball game.

Baseball is a Huge Part of Our Nation’s History and Culture

Before we begin to appreciate the physical and social benefits of baseball, we should take a moment to appreciate its place in America’s history and its contribution to American culture. I’ve said that there is no better sporting experience than going to a baseball game. It doesn’t matter if its a college, high school, MLB or minor league game you decide to go to. If you like a much more family feel go to a uspbl.com game. You have great baseball, plus you may get to see a future star before they get called up.

Baseball has played a big part in the advancements in American society, including instrumental contributions to the Civil Rights movement and gender equality. Jackie Robinson was one of America’s first athletes to compete in a domestic sport, helping to break racial stigmas and boundaries through sporting achievement. During World War Two, the American appetite for baseball helped American women to become professional athletes for the first time, by continuing leagues with female baseball players while the male players went into armed service.

Baseball is Great for Your Health

Though baseball may seem like a slow-moving sport at times, the pace of the game helps make it great exercise for people of all physical abilities and shapes and sizes.

Baseball combines short sprints with strength and cardio work, with intermittent breaks in play that help muscles recuperate and repair. Stretching and warm-ups are also a part of playing baseball, and training for games often include light aerobic work and weight training. Baseball gives your body a good all-over workout.

You do need some equipment to play and practice the great game, but getting baseball equipment is easier than ever, and it doesn’t cost very much to get started.

It Helps Improve Hand to Eye Coordination

Hand to eye coordination is more important than people may think, and can deteriorate over time as we get older. Pitching baseballs and swinging bats to hit them is a great way to improve your hand to eye coordination.

This can help improve many different aspects of your life, including using personal computers and driving. Your reflexes will quicken when navigating webpages or working on a computer program, and you will react to hazards more quickly and accurately when driving.

Baseball is a Social Sport

When you are playing or watching baseball, it is impossible not to meet lots of people and make new friends. It is not about skill or speed, either. Baseball is all about strategy, and is a team sport. You don’t have to be a star player to make lots of friends and contribute to the team. Make sure to check out a game when you get a chance. If you live in Atlanta or San Francisco, go ahead and grab some Braves or San Francisco Giants tickets.

There is a lot of socializing around baseball games and practice sessions too. Many teams make a special effort to throw parties and bar-be-ques to celebrate wins and special occasions.

It Gets You Away from Screens and Social Media

Too much of our lives is dominated by our smartphones, computers and social media feeds. People are finding it harder and harder to get away from electronic distractions and go offline, but there is no time for smartphones on the baseball field.

There are many more reasons to finally give baseball a try. We think that these five reasons should give you all the convincing you need to dust off your baseball mitt and get yourself out to the ball game.

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