Why So Many Dads Are Pumped About The Upcoming Tesla Cybertruck
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Why So Many Dads Are Pumped About The Upcoming Tesla Cybertruck

By now, you’ve hopefully heard about Tesla’s upcoming cyber truck – a kind of electric pickup that will do-it-all. The vehicle is not only the first all-electric pickup to market, but it also has a game-changing design that will revolutionize the automotive industry. Nobody has seen anything like it before – except in the movies, perhaps.

Dads are pumped about the new vehicle. Whether it will live up to its hype remains to be seen, but it will clearly create a stir on release. Already there are thousands of pre-orders. There will be many more in the weeks and months ahead as we learn more about it.

So why are dads so pumped about this new car?

Why So Many Dads Are Pumped About The Upcoming Tesla Cybertruck

It Doesn’t Look Like Anything Else on The Road

The Cybertruck’s looks have been somewhat polarizing. While some people like the austere lines and boxy shape, others can’t stand it. What’s more, this thing is enormous. It’s a bit like the original Humvee.

For some dads, that’s a good thing. There probably isn’t a vehicle on the market that screams masculinity louder than this one. The truck was Musk’s chance to show the world what he likes to design when he feels uninhibited by market constraints. This is what you get.

For sure, the final production version of the vehicle probably won’t look like the prototype. But it seems unlikely that the Tesla team will deviate too much from the initial design. Dads, therefore, can look forward to something exceptional indeed.


It Won’t Cost A Fortune to Maintain

Traditional pickups looked great and lasted for years, but you paid for the privilege. You needed car maintenance services to keep these vehicles on the road. If you don’t regularly swap out components and lubricate parts, the whole thing begins to shudder to a halt.

The Cybertruck, however, doesn’t come with any of these problems. There are only a handful of moving parts, most of which are comparatively simple – at least, compared to a regular vehicle.

This feature dramatically reduces the number of times dads will have to go to the repair shop. Owning a vehicle will become a much more pleasant experience, with fewer unexpected breakdowns.


It Is Practical

Why So Many Dads Are Pumped About The Upcoming Tesla Cybertruck

The Cybertruck is one of the most practical vehicles that you can buy. The large, boxy shape means that it will accommodate just about anything you’d want to put in a car – and some things you wouldn’t.


It Comes with A 500-Mile Range

The idea that you could have an electric vehicle with a 500-mile range would have seemed nonsensical just a few years ago. Even the most optimistic forecasts suggested that we might break the 300-mile barrier, but not much higher than that.

The Cybertruck, however, breaks all the rules, including in the battery department. Despite the boxy shape, the vehicle will go 500 miles without a charge and will accelerate from 0 to 60 in an eye-watering 2.9 seconds. That’s hypercar territory – or at least it is in the old internal combustion engine world.


Are you pumped?

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