How to Help With Cats Anxiety and CBD Treatment Effects
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How to Help With Cats Anxiety and CBD Treatment Effects

How to Help With Cats Anxiety and CBD Treatment Effects

While expressing a certain level of anxiety at some points of life is normal, if someone is having intense, persistent and uncalled for feelings of fear and panic, then we are talking about an anxiety disorder. If you thought that this affects only and exclusively humans, then I’ve got some news for you. Animals can also suffer from this condition. Read this.

Today, we are focusing on cats and their anxious behavior. I will help you recognize the signs of this disorder in felines, as well as try to offer my insight on a recently discovered medicine that might turn the tables in this area. But, let’s put that on hold for now.


When a cat senses danger, their whole system is activated and directed either towards fighting, or escaping. Our brain works the same way, so you know what I am talking about. That way, they prepare themselves to take appropriate action with the ultimate aim of avoiding harm. When necessary, switching on this “mode” can be critical for their survival. Therefore, it is generally considered a useful trait.

However, some cats might exhibit this kind of behavior in completely harmless situations. So much so, that it becomes their common mindset. If this is the case, then it is safe to say that the animal has developed an anxiety disorder. And it is a highly obstructive and stressful experience that has a severe effect on their overall quality of life. Imagine living in constant fear of imminent danger.

Cats’ anxiety can be triggered by various factors. The most common ones are being left alone, or undergoing a change of environment. The latter one is obvious. When your pet is put in an unknown territory and surroundings they are not accustomed to, it might become slightly nervous. This feeling is further enhanced if you leave them alone in a new setting.

As I have already mentioned, there are ways to successfully treat this disorder and make your feline friends feel more relaxed and lead a better life. I will make sure to get to that in a bit, but if you are becoming impatient, then visit this site and learn about the medicine known as CBD oil, which was proved effective in easing anxiety symptoms. Nonetheless, I think it is important to first learn how to recognize these symptoms.

How to Help With Cats Anxiety and CBD Treatment Effects


It would be nice if our little animals could put their feelings into words and describe the exact symptoms they are having. That way, we could easily determine what they are suffering from. Consequently, we would know how to help them.

But, as this is obviously not an option, it is up to the owner to take note of all the subtle signs. Keep in mind that this disorder can be exhibited differently. This means that it is not only about what your cat is doing, but more about what it hasn’t done previously and is now starting. It’s all in behavior changes.

The most common anxious behaviors include excessive meowing, furniture scratching, and appetite and mood changes, even aggression. Your kitty might resort to hiding, or, quite the opposite, start following you around the house. So, you have to carefully observe.

Here’s a complete guide to cat anxiety and treatment:

CBD Oil Treatment

So, now we are getting to the most important part. Because, once you have noticed the symptoms and established that your pet is suffering from an anxiety disorder, it’s time to do everything in your power to help it. Luckily, there is a medicine that can make a significant difference and really help improve your animal’s life.

CBD oil is made from something called cannabidiol. This is extracted from the cannabis plant and it is one of its non-psychoactive compounds. So, rest assured it is completely safe for your little furry, or less furry, friend.

First of all, this medicine works by increasing serotonin activities in your feline’s brain, which leads to enhancing its mood. Furthermore, it promotes the growth of new brain cells in the hippocampus, a part responsible for regulating emotions. Most owners claim that CBD oil helped their cats become calmer, happier, and more stable. And these are the factors that lead to a successful anxiety treatment and a healthier pet.

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