Five Reasons to Try Camping with Kids
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Five Reasons to Try Camping with Kids

Five Reasons to Try Camping with Kids

It can be tough choosing a vacation for you and your family. There’s what the adults want – relaxation, peace and quiet – versus what the kids want, which is often entertainment, activities and fun. Not only that but going on holiday together is the perfect way to bond as a family and create memories that you will all treasure forever.

For your next great escape, why not consider camping? Okay, okay, so this might not initially sound like a fun idea. And sure, if you’ve got super young kids, heating milk, changing diapers, cleaning up the spills will all be less than ideal in a tent environment. But, when your kids are slightly older, there’s something brilliant about taking them on an adventure into the great outdoors. We spend so much of our time plugged in, staring at screens and going on digital journeys, that getting outside and back to nature is a truly unforgettable experience, and here are some reasons why.


1. It’s cost-effective

You can find truly stunning campsite locations, not too far away from home to cut down on travel time and expense, for pittance compared to what you’d pay to get everyone a bed in a hotel. There are campsites where, for around $20, you can rent a spot that includes water and electricity hook-up. When you consider, for two adults and two kids, it’s rare that you can find a hotel for less than $150 a night, camping blows this out of the water cost-wise.


2. Basic survival skills

It might be unlikely that your kids will ever have to fight a bear for their lives but having a good grounding in basic survival skills is going to set them up for life. You can do some research using resources like Prepared Bee before you set off, so you know how you can go about teaching your kids the fundamentals. This might be things like lighting a campfire and how to stay safe around one, as well as which plants are poisonous, and which are not. It’s an educational journey that you can all go on together.


3. Spend time together

Without the TV being a constant background noise or getting overwhelmed whenever it comes to picking out a film to watch on Netflix, when you go camping together you actually have to spend time together. This might be evenings toasting marshmallows over the fire, taking a walk together, going swimming – when you don’t have the tech available at your fingertips for a distraction, you’ll spend time together as a family.


4. Nature boosts creativity

Being outside, and away from scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, stimulates creative thinking. Learning that a little mud and dirt never hurt anyone, as well as spending some time beneath the stars is a fantastic way to get the creative juices flowing.


5. Kids learn chores

When a few of the home comforts go, your kids will quickly learn that dinner doesn’t appear on the table as if by magic. They’ll learn to help, carry water, get the shopping and cook outdoors – maybe they’ll even rustle you up dinner one day!

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