Purchase and Learn About the American Flag from US Flags
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Purchase and Learn About the American Flag from US Flags

Purchase and Learn About the American Flag from US Flags

With this ongoing Coronavirus pandemic going on in the world, it seems like we’ve showed a lot of unity. In the United States alone, we have so many different nationalities and it’s a beautiful thing. The place where I’m currently working is the perfect example with people from so many different countries. We have people from Sweden, Vietnam, Africa, Venezuela and Germany to name a few. I’ll be honest, it’s always great to learn more about the many cultures of fellow employees. With National Flag Day coming up in June, this would be an exciting time for everyone to represent their country. You can get flag poles, decals, pendants and other accessories in one spot. US Flags is that place where you can get gear all that stuff for the 4th of July also. The same site also give you a brief history about the US flag.

History of the US Flag

While the site is great for accessories, it’s also a place to learn a little about history. They carry all the current flags from other countries, but you get a history lesson about the United States. They have the first flag carried to the New World tracing back to 1277. The St. Georges Cross was carried by English explorers and it was originated in Britain. The Grand Union was the first unofficial flag was raised in 1776 to celebrate the official status of the newly formed Continental Army. If you’re a historian, you can add the Civil War flag that contain 34 stars. Of course, you can get the current flag to add to your collection. Either way, this is an amazing site to get gear and learn at the same time. It’s crazy that I learned a lot about the different US flags we’ve had over the years.

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