Check Out 2019 Flow From Arys Déjan
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Check Out 2019 Flow From Arys Déjan

Check Out 2019 Flow From Arys Déjan

We all felt it when Nipsey Hussle passed away a little over a year ago. Like Pac for my generation, there are many artists that looked up to Nipsey the same way. One of those aspiring artists is Arys Déjan and it’s evident on this new track. Arys Déjan revisits 2019 to pull this unreleased track out of the vault for your consumption. Since Nipsey Hussle’s passing (One of Arys’ rap idols), Arys lost a bit of his inspiration when it came to expressing himself musically. After the one year anniversary, Arys decides to come back full force and continue to pursue his true passion in honor of Nipsey, and aims to bring back a vibe he feels is missing from the industry at the moment. Enjoy the sounds, and look out for more tunes and announcements coming from Arys Déjan in the upcoming weeks!



Arys Déjan is a recording artist, poet, model, and podcaster from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Being able to express himself through art has literally saved Arys’ life, and has helped him get through certain life barriers. He continues to use his art forms to promote good vibes, positivity, energy and self-expression as a way to overcome one’s life challenges amongst his supporters, fans and listeners. Check out the track below whether you’re with Spotify or Apple Music. You can follow Arys Déjan on Instagram and Twitter for the latest update and news. If you listen and follow podcasts, check out his which is pretty dope.


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