Bathroom Essentials Trend of 2020
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Reviews and Comparisons of Bathroom Essentials Trends of 2020

Bathroom Essentials Trends of 2020

Up until now, bathrooms serve as an individual’s throne; a haven to do your personal business. It is a simple, functional room in the house that you do not give much thought about.

Fast forward to the 21st century where people treat bathrooms as glorified spaces. They are getting posher and bigger as homeowners put effort to transform it into a wellness sanctuary; you can read more about this here. They are creating spaces not only for functional use but also for self-relaxation and pampering. With big baths, glass partitions, and luxurious bath bombs, who would not want to stay inside for hours?

Modern bathrooms are becoming a place for everything. Aside from personal activities, it is also a famous chamber to think things through and make life assessments and decisions. It is a haven of peace after a stressful day at work. It is a safe space to escape reality just for a few hours.

Millennials and Gen Zs have also taken a penchant in the bathroom trend. With its huge space and good lighting, it has become the perfect backdrop for an Instagram post or a TikTok video.

Transform your washroom into a dazzling lounge with the latest bathroom essentials and trends of 2020.

1. Nature-themed room

Becoming green is the new “in” in every industry, including home remodeling and renovating. According to top designers, biophilic design has been a recurring trend every year—one that will never go out of style.

The design keeps us connected with the natural environment, which has proven to influence human psychology. The greenery promotes physical and mental calmness. It also improves our emotional state, mood, and productivity.

You can start integrating a touch of green into your comfort room by adding small potted plants such as cactus and bromeliads. Create a little vertical garden with different hanging plant species or dedicate a whole wall filled with greens. Opt for a monochromatic white or grey color for the tiles, utilities, and accessories. Let nature’s color stand out and do its work.

2. Standalone sinks and tubs

Another classic showstopper is the freestanding tubs and sinks. The modern and contemporary design makes them the centerpieces of a spa-like bathroom. The advantage of a freestanding utility is you can place it wherever you want. It is suitable for a small or mid-sized bath area and can be easily incorporated with any décor. Whether you choose an acrylic-made or a unique asymmetrically-shaped tub, it will still be a focal point of your bathroom.

As for the sinks, stick with the modern look by opting for a stone resin or a classic marble basin. Although standalone sinks and tubs exude lavishness, it is much more affordable than customized, built-in tubs. You can check out websites like Everything Showers and Bath’s website for reviews on the best tubs and sinks to buy.

3. Trendy colors

According to design shows, champagne, lime green, and light yellow are the hues of the year. It does not necessarily mean to buy a yellow sink and paint the walls with a splashy lime shade. Add vibrancy in a discrete way such as champagne-colored faucets or small, yellow accessories and painting.

Aside from the usual minimalistic matte black shade, warm earth tones are also gaining popularity this year. Limestone or travertine tiles and beige walls add to the natural and earthy vibe that people are going for these days.

4. Light fixtures

Lighting is often a neglected part during bathroom designing and remodeling. Aside from practicality purposes, a brightly lit bathroom amps up your bathroom game by a notch. Minimalistic fixtures and lighting appliques change the aura of your entire washroom.

Opt for linear ceiling lights and vertical sconces that line your mirror. Integrated vanity lighting also adds a touch of extravagance while still serving its utilitarian purpose.

For homeowners who are not limited by their pockets, you can invest in mini chandeliers to light your precious comfort areas. Chandeliers are classic room statements that can adapt to any kind of theme. May it be rustic, vintage, minimalistic, and modern, you can never go wrong with this timeless piece of design.

5. Futuristic layout

The future is now. Japan led the first toilet innovation by introducing smart toilets. These high-tech additions in the bath industry completely turned bathrooms from a functional utility into a personalized relaxation area.

Smart toilets have automatic water-spraying, seat-warming, and air-drying abilities. It also has a built-in deodorizer and music of your choice to conceal embarrassing smell and noises. Voice-activated showers save you from the frustration of waiting for a hot bath. It also includes an automatic sink and voice-powered temperature and lighting system.

2020 has a lot in store for tech-loving homeowners. Installation of flat screens, mini-fridges, and smart mirrors are just the start of the innovative transition of the comfort area.

6. Shelves and storages

Messy cabinets and chaotic vanity area cramp any bathroom style and design you can think of. You cannot expect to achieve the peaceful Zen you are craving for while looking at disorganized compartments.

Even if you are not a neat freak, installing compact storages and wall shelves is a cheap and effortless way to upgrade your restroom. It is visually-pleasing and brings out a minimalistic elegant vibe. Hidden cabinets and vanity under spaces make the room more open and spacious. It is also a specialized way to store personal bath items.

Hidden pull-out compartments are also the hype this year. It can be a built-in compartment under the tub, within the wall tiles, or the traditional vanity mirror storage.

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