Now's the Perfect Time to Tackle Your Chores and DIY To-Do List
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Now’s the Perfect Time to Tackle Your Chores and DIY To-Do List

Now's the Perfect Time to Tackle Your Chores and DIY To-Do List

Often, as parents, we’re used to leading pretty hectic lives. We face the school run. We commute on busy roads or in packed public transport carriages to get to our jobs which involve targets, meetings, deadlines and more. Between these daily essentials and our attempts to get the kids to their activities and keep on top of our own exercise and social plans, we don’t usually end up having all too much time left over for the household basics. Sure, we’ll do the routine chores. We’ll load the dishwasher, run the vacuum around and we’ll mop down hard surface floors. But more in-depth cleaning and DIY projects often get pushed to the wayside.

This is understandable. But now, in the lockdown situation, where many of us have found ourselves with a lot of spare time on our hands and relatively little to do, now could be the perfect time to face these chores and tasks head on. Here are a few areas you might want to focus on to get started!


Clean the Windows

While many of us usually use professional windows to clean our property’s glass, you may find that few are doing the rounds at the moment. This is completely understandable. But seeing as many of us are now a couple of months into lockdown situations, your windows may be looking a little smeared and dirty. The good news is that a few simple steps will help to get them shining bright once again. There will be different protocol for cleaning indoor and outdoor windows. What’s important is that you take time and care with each, never pushing yourself too far or attempting techniques or tasks that could be potentially dangerous. Here’s a quick guide on how to clean your windows properly!


Cleaning Windows from the Inside

To clean your windows from the inside you will need a simple window cleaning solution and a window cleaning cloth or rag. That’s it!  This is going to prove the simpler of the two window cleaning tasks. After all, less dirt tends to build up on the surface of our interior windows. Rather than being faced with the elements and outdoor dirt, they’re simple prey to little ones’ mucky fingers and light dust. All you have to do is spray some of your window cleaning solution onto the surface of the glass and to then put a little effort into wiping the surface down with your cloth or rag. Keep going until you’ve cleared away all prints and marks.


Cleaning Windows from the Outside

The second part of window cleaning is going to prove a little more difficult. While we’d generally advise that you do simply wait things out until a professional window cleaner can come out to tackle the above floor level windows, you can clean those on the ground level by heading outside and brushing away cobwebs, then using a window cleaning solution and rag to clean the exterior glass. This may take a bit more effort, as exterior panes tend to catch more mud, debris and dirt in general. If you really want to tackle the upper windows, invest in cleaning tools that have an extending pole. Just make sure to remain on the ground at all times while using them. If you notice any problems while cleaning your windows, you may want to get a quote on having new ones installed by Elite Windows & Siding.


Putting Shelves Up

Almost every home could benefit from having more shelves. Whether that’s shelves in the bathroom to fold and store towels on, a shelf in the kitchen for your pots and pans, a shelf in your lounge for books, or a shelf in a sunny spot in a spare room for houseplants to sit on. They’re great storage solutions that show off what you have rather than hiding things away. Often, many of us invest in a set of shelves but never actually get around to putting them up. They end up just sitting in a cupboard somewhere, waiting. Well, now’s a great time to get started! Follow online tutorials, making sure to follow the correct safety protocols. Make sure you have the right protective equipment too – such as eye goggles to prevent anything flying into your eyes. Also avoid placing shelves in spaces where people might sit or lie down below – just in case the shelf does come loose or fall down.


Fixing a Leaky Tap

So many of us put up with leaky taps for months on end. Sure, they might not pose a major threat to your home at first. But they can see you pay extra for your water bill unnecessarily and that’s before we even consider the irritating drip sound that none of us can really ever get used to. Now, if you have a serious problem with your tap, it’s best to leave the work to a plumber who will be able to put wrongs to rights easily. But a DIY approach can be taken to a simple drip. Follow online tutorials that will guide you through the process step by step. Often, video tutorials are ideal, as you can see exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.


Paint the Skirting Boards and Door Frames

Chances are you probably can’t be bothered to completely redecorate your property’s interiors in full. But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Why not paint the skirting boards and door frames? These parts of your home often get painted with gloss paint, which means that they can begin to yellow and look unattractive much faster than other parts of your property. Painting them is simple and just requires a little patience and some masking tape to make sure you don’t paint onto the walls or floors surrounding them.


These tasks are relatively simple and you might as well get on top of them while you have the available time, rather than putting them off to tackle once you’re back to work and the usual routine and busy again. Hopefully, the above advice will help you to get them done sooner rather than later!

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