4 Ways to Help Prevent You from Getting a Divorce
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4 Ways to Help Prevent You from Getting a Divorce

4 Ways to Help Prevent You from Getting a Divorce

There are so many things that are changing ever since the Coronavirus pandemic. One of those things has been the divorce rate. Unfortunately, the divorce rate has risen and that has to do with many people working from home. Couples are spending more time together, which is triggering the spike in divorce rates. With people losing their jobs or being furloughed that has a lot to do with it also. Hopefully, this will pass and things get somewhat back to normal in the process. With that, we’re hoping that divorce isn’t the final answer and things can be done to prevent it. To help, check out these 4 things to help prevent you from getting a divorce.

Reminiscence with Each Other

We all had that time where we started dated and eventually fell in love. For some, they tend to get away from that aspect and focus on arguing and fighting. One evening, pull up a movie on Netflix or Disney+ that you used to watch when you began dating. Something that small can strike up a conversation about those times when you start dating. Sometimes when you reminiscence with each other, several of those great memories could rekindle things.



We all have heard about the benefits of counseling and how it could help in a marriage. We all can talk to each other about the issues we’re having, but it’s better to get counseling. You hear from an expert who’s not going to favor one over the other like family and friends. Some of the issues you’re having could be related to money. If that’s the case, you could opt to get free online marriage counseling. By getting the free online marriage counseling, it shows you’re working towards reconciliation.


Take Interest in What the Other Like

When it comes to interests, my wife and I are totally opposites. As a guy, we tend to want things our way and refuse to budge for something different. While I’m into sports, astronomy and stuff like National Geographic, she doesn’t like it. She loves reality shows, soap operas and anything on the ID channel. When we’re off on the weekends, we set aside time to binge watch a few programs on the ID channel. This has been happening over the last couple of years and this allows you to spend quality time. Most importantly, we let the kids know that this is our time and no interruptions unless it’s something important.


Create Me Time

With the ongoing pandemic, a lot of us are spending more time at home together. We work on different shifts and sometimes we don’t see each other or barely run into one another. Since I’m working at home some and her schedule isn’t as hectic, we’re around each other more. During those times, she goes into our room alone and does whatever she wants. You can find me downstairs in the man cave catching up on work, watching TV or blogging. Either way, we’re still giving each other space which is needed since we’ve been with each other for over 20 years.

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