5 Tips to Help Strengthen Your Relationship During Quarantine Time

5 Tips to Help Strengthen Your Relationship During Quarantine Time

5 Tips to Help Strengthen Your Relationship During Quarantine Time

Over the years, I’ve given my fair share of advice when it comes to relationships. My wife and I have been together since we were 19 and 17-years-old, respectively. This coming August will mark 23 years that we’ve been together. Throughout the years, we’ve seen it all and have been able to make it work. Our relationship has been tested by everything imaginable and we have been in a great place the last 10+ years. We have talked to many people about what to do and not to do in their marriage and relationship. Seeing that we’ve lasted this long, we feel that we can give advice to avoid divorce and better your relationship. Check out these 5 tips to help strengthen your relationship during quarantine time.


Play Little Games Together

During this time of uncertainty, you can play little games together. You can go old-school by pulling out some UNO cards, Monopoly or Connect 4 to reminiscence and have fun. There are plenty of games you can play on your phone against each other also. There are times we like to Play Crazy 8 on our phones, which brings out that competitive nature. We have played that game for an hour and a half before. You can also bring out the XBox or PlayStation and find a game to play together.


Go Through Some Old Photos Together

One of the things that have always brought out happier times has been pictures. If you have kids, there’s nothing that can bring smiles and even tears than old pictures of them. If you don’t have kids, check out pictures of when you started dating. You can also bring some togetherness by checking out photos of each other when you were younger.


Be Honest When Talking to Each Other

We all have been in a relationship where we think everything is fine. None of us want to make our partner upset so we tend to agree on everything. There may be things that could cause a rift with one another, but it’s better to get it out in the open. You know where you stand with one another moving forward in the relationship. When that happens, you may need a mediator or maybe a counselor to hear things out. We don’t want to spend money that we may not have on those counseling sessions. There are many places you can call upon for some great free counseling sessions.


Prepare Meals Together

There aren’t many things that can bring each other together than food. Since a lot of the restaurants aren’t allowing customers inside, that hurts the dating aspect. You can search sites like Pinterest and find something you both like to try and cook.  Trust me, this will be fun and afterwards you can have a nice, romantic dinner.


Binge Watch our Favorite Shows

This past weekend, my wife and I were off and we used that time to watch TV shows together. We have several shows that we DVR through the week to watch on the weekends. We even downloaded some from the DirecTV app onto the TV and watched more. There’s nothing like bonding and spending time with your partner in bed and watching shows.

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