What Is The Difference Between Consumer And Commercial Drones?

What Is The Difference Between Consumer And Commercial Drones?

Drones are a great piece of tech that you can use for filming and taking great photos or just flying around for a bit of fun. There are a lot of different ones on the market and the prices range a lot, so you may not know where to start.

What Is The Difference Between Consumer And Commercial Drones?

When you are looking at your different options, you may notice that there are commercial drones and consumer drones available, but you might not know what the differences between the two are. In a lot of cases, you can make do with a cheaper consumer drone, but in some cases, it’s best to splash out on a professional commercial drone instead. If you are unsure, take a look at this list of the main differences between commercial and consumer drones.


There are plenty of cheap consumer drones out there, but they are not particularly well built and they won’t stand up to much punishment. A consumer drone is likely to break pretty easily if you crash, but if you go for a commercial drone from a reliable company, like DrDrone, it will be a lot more durable. If you plan to use your drone every now and again to fly around in an open space, a consumer drone will probably do just fine. However, a lot of people use drones for things like construction projects, when they need to check for damage on their roof, for example. If you are using drones for more practical things like this, where there is more chance of damage, you may be better off with a commercial drone.


Commercial drones also tend to be a lot more reliable than consumer ones. For a start, they have a far more complex and intuitive control system so, once you get to grips with the controls, they will be far more reliable to fly than a cheap consumer one. The battery life will also be a lot longer, so if you are planning to use the drone for long periods, you should consider a commercial drone. The overall build quality on a high end commercial drone will be better, so you won’t have common issues, like a drone that doesn’t charge or a controller that doesn’t work.


Ongoing support and maintenance for a drone is important if you are using it on a regular basis. The majority of consumer drones will not offer much in the way of support, apart from a few troubleshooting pages on their website and maybe a customer support line. However, a commercial drone manufacturer will give your ongoing support with maintenance and may even provide upgrades to your drone in the future.


Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of a commercial drone. A consumer drone doesn’t allow for much customization and they are usually suited to general flying or taking photos, but not much else. A commercial drone, on the other hand, will allow for a lot of different features to be added, so it can be adapted to a lot of different uses. If you are only using it for general flying, a consumer drone will do fine. But if you want to use it for anything more advanced, a commercial drone may be best.

The Law

Drones are still a relatively new technology and, in a lot of places, the law is still not that clear. There are plenty of smaller consumer drones out there that you can buy and fly without needing a license of any kind. However, as you start to upgrade to more powerful drones, the laws may change and, in some countries, drones are banned completely. If you are using a commercial drone, there is a chance that you may need a license before you are allowed to fly. Before you use a drone of any kind, it’s important to check local laws about where you can and cannot fly, so you don’t get into any trouble.


The most obvious difference between consumer and commercial drones is the price, but this is not always an indicator of quality. The top end consumer drones are similar in price to the low end commercial ones, but the commercial ones tend to be better quality. If you are looking for a cheap option, go for a basic consumer drone. But if you have been looking at the high end consumer drones, you should also consider some commercial ones because you will get more for your money.


When you are trying to decide which kind of drone to buy, the price is important but you also need to think about how often you are going to use the drone and what you are going to use it for.

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