6 Helpful Ways to Help A Family In Crisis

6 Helpful Ways to Help A Family In Crisis

6 Helpful Ways to Help A Family In Crisis

This ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has changed lives forever. Unfortunately, there are millions of people that have either lost their job or being furloughed. Fortunately, with the CARES Act will help relieve some of the burden placed on families. There remain many families that could use any bit of assistance that live around us. With this pandemic, we have seen the best of people in times and that’s something that must continue. Some families will need counseling from places like ReGain to try and get on their feet. There are actions we can take to help our fellow neighbor and hopefully these little sentiments will help. Below are 6 helpful ways to help a family in crisis.


Offer Support

Sometimes the simplest gestures can go a long way. If you know someone that’s facing uncertainties during this crisis, be there to offer support during these trying times. When someone is down about things, seeing someone in their corner and showing they care is great. We all tend to easily fall into offering sympathy, but during a crisis, it can feel like pity to those suffering. Pity is rarely, if ever, helpful.


Help With the Kids

As a parent, you try to hide your emotions from your kids. The stress can continue to build up, which could eventually affect your health. Offering traditional childcare so parents can handle tasks, or simply taking a child out to play, can help alleviate some stress for a family in crisis. Knowing your children are in good hands and having fun can mean the world to a stressed parent.


Pull Them to the Side and Talk to Them

This is something I’ve done before and it took a while to get them to agree, but they eventually did. We all have a certain amount of pride we carry around and sometimes that gets the best of us. You can pull them to the side and tell them you understand the situation they’re in. To comfort them, you can let them know that you’ve been in that position before and you understand. You could also remind them of old-school values where families help each other.


Bring Some Food for Everyone

When money is short, you’re thinking about paying your bills and putting food on the table. You could talk to them beforehand and see how you would like to go about it. For this situation, you can make it a family fun time by bringing food and games also. This could turn into a nice little celebration and help alleviate stress just for the amount of time you’re there.


Get Other Family Involved

You could always lean on other members in the family to help out also. There are times that many of them doesn’t know that family members situations until it’s mentioned. Most families will be more upset if you’re including them to help out. You will probably get more assistance from others in the family because we hate to see others doing badly.


Follow Up With Them

Don’t make it a one-time thing where you do something for them. We don’t want this to be a one-time thing and then disappear. A few days after helping, bringing food or watch the kids follow up with them. See if there’s anything else you can do and offer to help more if possible.

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