Naughty by Nature Poverty’s Paradise Released 25 Years Ago
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Naughty by Nature Poverty’s Paradise Released 25 Years Ago

Naughty by Nature Poverty’s Paradise Released 25 Years Ago

Naughty by Nature is one of the illest hip hop groups to ever pick up a mic. This past Thursday, their classic Feel Me Flow was my featured Throwback Thursday track. Feel Me Flow is one of the singles released off their classic, Poverty’s Paradise album. Poverty’s Paradise went on to win the Grammy for Rap Album in 1996. 25 years ago today, Naughty by Nature released Poverty’s Paradise to the world. Treach, Vinny Rock and K-Gee released a masterpiece to the world. This was their fourth album and eventually went gold, which still surprises me that it didn’t sell more. Clap Yo Hands was the first single from the album and it was released in February of 1995. With the release, Naughty by Nature fans were getting geared up for the new album.

Craziest was the second single and it dropped in the beginning of April. Craziest was received more than the previous single and the video was crazy. Hype Williams directed the video and whenever he directed something, you immediately paid attention. The third and final single released off of Poverty’s Paradise was the before mentioned Feel Me Flow. I’ve stated before that this is one of my all-time favorite hip hop records. Feel Me Flow was released late in July and it became their most successful single from the album. The video is crazy, and this was Naughty by Nature at its best. Overall, this is probably my favorite album from Naughty by Nature. Check out the track listing and stream links below for Poverty’s Paradise from Naughty by Nature.

  1. Intro (Skit)
  2. Poverty’s Paradise
  3. Clap Yo Hands
  4. City of Ci-Lo
  5. Hang Out and Hustle
  6. It’s Workin’ ft. Rottin Razkals
  7. Holdin’ Fort
  8. Chain Remains
  9. Feel Me Flow
  10. Craziest
  11. Radio (Skit)
  12. Sunshine
  13. Webber (Skit) ft. Chris Webber
  14. Respect Due
  15. World Go Round
  16. Klickow- Klickow ft. Rottin Razkals, Cruddy Click and Road Dawgs
  17. Double I (Skit)
  18. Slang Bang
  19. Shout Out ft. Gordon Chambers
  20. Outro
  21. Connections ft. Cruddy Click, Road Dawgs and Kandi Kain

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