5 Indoor Activities to Keep Kids Busy This Summer
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6 Indoor Activities to Keep Kids Busy This Summer

5 Indoor Activities to Keep Kids Busy This Summer

School is officially finished for most part of the United States and this was a crazy one to say the least. For most of the second semester, kids were engaged in digital learning. With the government slowly opening things up I’m still skeptical in having my daughter in public. She’ll be in the 10th grade next year, so she spends most of her time on the phone like every other teenager. If you have younger kids, you may face a dilemma to keep them from driving you crazy. If you’re stuck in the house most of, if not all summer you will need to keep them occupied. Of course, we all would rather be spending time at beaches or our favorite theme park. Check out these 6 indoor activities to keep your kids busy this summer.


Binge Watch Favorite Shows

What’s better than binge watching for classic Disney movies? With Disney+, you have an array of movies or shows to watch to keep them occupied. Lion King, Toy Story, Frozen, Aladdin and Princess & the Frog are some of our favorites. There are great shows for kids on Netflix, Hulu, SlingTV and other streaming services also.


Bake Some Treats Together

What kid doesn’t like to bake cookies, brownies or even a cake? My kids used to love doing anything in the kitchen if it means they have something to snack on. You can make things more fun by making the cookies into some cool shapes. These are some moments they’ll remember when they get much older.


Make a TikTok Video

Who doesn’t love watching kids play, dance or be silly on social media? When kids are small they have so much energy to burn. You see so many parents with their little ones making TikTok videos and it’s adorable.


Color and Play with Activity Books

First off, do small kids even do things like play with coloring and activities books? When my kids were younger that was one of the things we used to do on those rainy days. We turned coloring into some competitive moments to see who’s the best is. With activity books, you can turn something fun into a learning experience.


Indoor Camping

Indoor camping is something that’s been in the family ever since I was a kid. Kids have an amazing imagination and the indoor camping experience is the time for them to use it. You can grab cover, sleeping bags, pillows and whatever you want to use during indoor camping. You can purchase lights to go with the experience and this is another one of the memorable moments.


Discover Science Together

A great way to fuel your kids curiosity about science, the world around them, and how things work is through a kids microscope. Samples you can observe together are readily available at home or in your backyard be it a leaf, pond water, an insect, or even an onion skin. Get your kids into active learning with a microscope you can use for simple and interesting experiments you can find online.

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