8 Ways to Save Energy During Dog Days of Summer

8 Ways to Save Energy During Dog Days of Summer

Everybody wants to live a healthy life and for that, they make efforts in different styles. These ways include dieting, exercising as well as consuming some supplements. Estimate Energy Requirement is the energy that is required to maintain your diet. If your diet is healthy and balanced then you will be living a healthy life. The EER helps you to know how much diet you should take, about how much exercise or walk you should perform.

Talking about the concept of Estimate Time Requirement, it comes in September 2002 by the Institute of Medical Equation. The EER for two people of the same age may be different because it depends upon all the factors not only on age. The EER depends upon five different factors as listed below:

·        Age

·        Gender

·        Height

·        Weight

·        Level of your physical activity


Over the internet, there are several tools for calculating the EER that calculates your calorie requirement. These are usually known as EER calculator and are free to use. In this article, we will discuss some popular tools for a calculator.

8 Tips for increasing your energy


1.     Drink Maximum Water

Drinking water always boosts your energy. It refreshes your mind and makes your ability to gain your energy back. Whether you are playing some games or going to the gym, water will naturally maximize your energy. Water will complete the shortage of fluids in your water and it will remove the fatigue if any. You should know that dehydration will always cause a decrease in your body’s energy. In this way, the water will defend the dehydration.

2.     Controlling your stress

Whenever you feel stress, you become less energetic. For a happy and healthier life, you should have control over your stress. In other words, we may say that stress kills you if you fail in controlling it. If you are feeling stress then you should perform the activities that make you happier or healthy. In this way, you will recover your energetic level.

3.     Lighten your Burden

Excessive burden means extra pressure that will cause stress on your mind. This means that you are suffering from the problem of less energetic. The burden may be due to family, work, or socialization. The best way to defend this problem is to prioritize your workings as well as leave the extras. You can adjust your burden through the help of other peoples.

4.     Do Exercise

Science tells that more exercise makes the heartbeat better. This way, you can maintain your energy level. Moreover, when you do better exercise, you will have better sleep hours. Talking biologically, when you perform the exercise more cells burn while more oxygen circulates your body. Any exercise will let you decrease your stress (hormones).

8 Ways to Save Energy During Dog Days of Summer

5.     Leave Smoking

You may know smoking cause cancer and kill your body. But you should also know that if you smoke your energy decrease because of insomnia. The Tobacco in smoking causes your body to increase the heart rate, stimulates your brain as well as increases your blood pressure. This way your energy gets occupied.

6.     Get complete sleep

If you are feeling less energetic then you should reduce your sleeping hours. When you are sleep-deprived, you become lazy because of less energy. You should analyze how much sleeping hours you need. Studies show that taking less sleep but at the right time will make your energy level maintained like you should avoid taking a nap in the daytime.

7.     Eat Healthily

It is beneficial if you eat little food after a few hours instead of taking heavy meals three times a day. This will make your digestive system better and if your system is improved, you will feel energetic. Moreover, your brains also need a steady supply for smooth working. Eat the food that contains less sugar and calories. Eating enough proteins and fats will make your energy level better. However, you should consume a balanced diet for living healthy and to remain active.

8.     Increase Socialization

You should have very little social isolation because socialization makes your mind refreshed. When your mind is refreshed, your energy will increase. Besides socialization, you should also follow the activities that you love to do. People that have more socialization contain more physical as well as mental health. This factor is important for old aged people.

Best Online tools for EER calculation

There are numerous tools over the internet that contains different features. These tools are usually free to use whereas they take a few seconds to perform. We have enlisted some of the best tools for your consideration:

1. Calculator-online.net

EER calculator by calculator-online.net is one of the best calculators to calculate your energy. It takes your information about your height, weight, activity level, and your gender to make the result. However, this website demands the option of losing or gaining weight.

Before proceeding for your EER you should know about the energy level of your body. There are four variations including active, very active, lightly active, and sedentary. The website also describes this level for your selection.

2. Calculators.tech

Calculators.tech is another amazing EER Calculator for a quick calculation of your energy requirements. It’s a user-friendly site that takes basic information. The tool allows you to enter information in different units. These units for height include centimeters, inches, feet as well as meters. The units for weight is KGS and LBS. It’s a completely free website that quickly calculates your result accurately. You can use this tool to know your energy level and to see how much effort you need more maintain your energy.

8 Ways to Save Energy During Dog Days of Summer


Estimate energy requirement can be calculated easily manually. There are different criteria for males and females. The task sometimes becomes difficult because of different variations. However, online tools have made it easier and quicker.

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