Can CBD Make You Hungry? Truth Exposed
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Can CBD Make You Hungry? Truth Exposed

Can CBD Make You Hungry? Truth Exposed

Most of us may already know what CBD is. It has made its way to the top of some markets throughout the years. I know that most of us are quite familiar with its benefits and what it is but to those who have a challenging time understanding, let’s do a little recap.

CBD (also known as Cannabidiol) is found in the Cannabis plant and is one of the 113 active compounds found in hemp. But unlike its counterparts, like THC, it is far safer to use. There are three types of CBD which are CBD isolate, full spectrum, and broad spectrum.

When you say full spectrum, it means it contains all cannabinoids found in a cannabis plant. That will include THC. While broad spectrum contains all the compounds but not THC. Isolate contains only CBD which is the safest option for conservative people. Check out this link to learn more:

Today, we’re going to talk about CBD and how it affects your appetite. Is it the real culprit behind your hunger?

I know you’re wondering how and why it is so popular to most people nowadays. CBD is known for its healing benefits. For example, it can relieve pain, muscle disorders, anxiety, and many other conditions.

Even if there isn’t an exact information on how it affects our bodies, we still know what it interacts with. The ECS or endocannabinoid system is responsible for balancing a lot of processes in our bodies. Like our metabolism and appetite.

I know what you’re looking for the moment you clicked on this article, and I’m here to answer any questions you may have.

How does it affect our appetite?

Now, that is the big question. Even if a lot of people don’t care much about their appetite, there are still some who do. You might be one of them, and we’re here to help you out!

CBD doesn’t make you hungry, but it didn’t say that it won’t help with getting your appetite back. Many people might be struggling with poor appetite and want to fix it. Nobody wants to face the day on an empty stomach. Dealing with that can get pretty hard, but it can be solved.

Can CBD Make You Hungry? Truth Exposed

Since ECS (endocannabinoid system) plays an important role in our bodies, I might as well include what it has to do with our appetite. As I’ve mentioned before, it balances a lot of processes. It might as well regulate the digestive system. Yes, you read that right. Now, we are getting so close to why it plays a part in our appetites. If your ECS is working correctly, it promotes healthy digestion which allows hunger to flourish

When your ECS is not working the way it’s supposed to, you’ll experience some problems. For example, poor digestion which you can continue reading more about here. Poor digestion can be caused by anxiety and stress and affect the appetite. As well as many others. Other causes of loss of appetite are the following:

  • Metabolic problems
  • Pregnancy
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Depression
  • Kidney failure

Those were just a few of my examples when the truth is there are more. Some say, there is a connection between our brain and gut. Ever since gut health was recognized to be important, we have become more aware of what we eat and do.

When you have a low appetite, that means your stomach and brain aren’t working together to make you feel hungry which isn’t very normal. All of us know why we experience hunger. That is because our body needs fuel.

Feeling hungry is a signal that you should eat and fill that belly with what it needs. This is where CBD comes in. To answer your question (does CBD make you hungry?) no, it doesn’t. However, the purpose of taking it is for it to interact with your ECS that governs your digestive system.

As I’ve mentioned before, if your ECS works just fine, your digestion will be healthy as well. Hence, a better appetite.

Why is it important to have a good appetite and gut health?

Simply because you can avoid a lot of health issues. There are a variety of health issues out there that you may experience if you don’t take care of yourself. The same goes for your gut health as well. Thus, it’s recommended to take CBD to help improve your appetite. It may not directly improve it, but it helps with the process.

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