Basement Waterproofing Tips for Home Owners in Wilmington
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Basement Waterproofing Tips for Home Owners in Wilmington

Basement Waterproofing Tips for Home Owners in Wilmington

When it rains or snow, you can be sure there will be a lot of water lying around your perimeter. Droplets of water and balls of ice are typical inhabitants of roof spaces and other areas of the home during the wet season. Basement waterproofing is not a daily chore, but once you do have to get it done, it could be a bit of a hurdle.

Simple home repair and improvement, such as painting your walls or fixing in drywall, could be a walk in the park for the handyman, but when it comes to waterproofing the basement, you may want to hire a professional. You can check this page for tips on how to find the best handyman for home improvement.

Finding someone to inspect your damp wall or waterlogged basement is not a challenge if you live in Wilmington. You can start by going online or asking friends and family for referrals.


Fixing a Waterlogged Basement


If you notice water gathering around your foundation after a downpour, you may want first to find out what could be the reason. In most cases, the problem could be a result of issues in the roof or your basement. So you want to begin your investigation from there.


Check the Foundation

If you notice a change in the color of your wall paint usually at the edges above the floor, you certainly want to check your foundation. When there are cracks and holes at the foundation level of your floor, you may occasionally have to mop out water after a downpour or when ices begin to melt. You can apply a durable sealant at the exterior of your foundation. Begin at the section where the wall meets the floor and spread the seal over the entire perimeters. This helps to take care of any tiny cracks that may be encouraging water penetration when it rains. Cement is also an excellent solution to taking care of leakages in your basement. Your only challenge is to identify the leaking points.


Check the Rooftop

You also want to get up to the roof and check for any possible signs of leakages. It is a standard practice to inspect your roof regularly. It is during these regular inspections that you could identify problems and take care of them early. You can check this website for some of the critical things to look for carrying a routine inspection of your roof. If you can, you could use a ladder to get on top of your building and look at the gutters and drainages. If obstructions are clogging the drains, it could make water to gather and soak through your walls when it rains. Getting rid of all branches and replacing any broken sections on the roof could prevent your home from flooding and damages.


Install Wall Waterproofs


Basement Waterproofing Tips for Home Owners in Wilmington

It may be a good idea to use waterproofing materials around the foundation level of your walls. It is particularly advised if you are looking for a lasting solution to your basement flood problems. With an already erected structure, you could set up a drainage system on your subfloor or opt for an above floor baseboard channel.

With a properly installed drainage system, you can efficiently channel water away from your property whenever it rains. You must consult with experts when looking to install proofing boards around your basement. A professional approach is required to ensure that the job is done correctly.


Reshape your Landscape

Over time, with constant wetting and drying, your landscape could loose soil around the foundation of your home. For quality basement waterproofing in Wilmington, hiring a landscaper to erect a berm or swale around your perimeter could help redirect flood away from your building. They also help to take care of insect and pest problems you may be encountering in the home.


Final Note

Dealing with leaky roofs or flood in the basement is something every homeowner will have to deal with once a while. While there is routine maintenance, such as fixing a cracked wall or broken gutter you cannot ignore, there are also occasions when you have to consider waterproofing your home. Remember to always work with an expert when carrying out any repair or improvements on your home.

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