Changes in Online Bingo Tech – How Bingo Tech Has Evolved

Changes in Online Bingo Tech – How Bingo Tech Has Evolved

Eyes down, because today we’re going to be discussing a game that many of you no doubt hold near and dear to your hearts. Yes, we’re talking about the great British tradition that is bingo. For centuries we’ve been playing bingo in one form or another, yet it is only recently that the game itself has undergone undoubtedly its most radical transformation yet, thanks to the prevalence of online bingo.

Changes in Online Bingo Tech – How Bingo Tech Has Evolved

Whereas bingo was once upon a time relegated solely to the bingo halls, once the internet came around more and more people began enjoying the game on the web instead. When online bingo was first created, many people saw it as a huge technological advancement, yet nowadays the earliest online bingo websites look practically primitive in terms of design and function. This just goes to show you how quickly technology is advancing and moving on. To help break these changes down, here’s a look at how bingo tech has evolved over the years.


Early online bingo

Virtually all industries currently in existence will likely be able to look back upon the late 1990s with a great admiration and remember just what an enormous gamechanger the internet proved to be. Thanks to the internet, businesses that were once assigned to just one spot, I.E the location of their physical store, could suddenly offer online shopping capabilities and open up their business to people not just in the country, but all across the globe if need be. The gambling industry was one of the first industries to really see the potential in jumping online, and it was actually bingo of all things, that helped to really kick things off with online bingo companies offer signup bonuses, like the ones you’d find at Trustedbingo offers.


Smart technology


Since online casinos became such big business, online bingo had started off strong, but was starting to taper down slightly.

Changes in Online Bingo Tech – How Bingo Tech Has Evolved

In the late noughties, when smart technology came to fruition, though, everything changed. As soon as the world’s first smart phones began rolling off of the production line, a whole other world of online gaming was born. As more and more people began buying smart phones and tablets, online gambling and gaming became easier than ever. We could play anywhere, at any time, whilst barely lifting a finger. When the first smart phones were developed, in the UK just 50,000 people played online bingo. Right now, that figure is around 3.4 million! Of this 3.4 million, close to 80% use their smart phones to play.


What’s next?

Okay, so, we’ve established that the internet and smart technology have put online bingo on the map, but what’s next for the industry? Well, here’s what we can likely expect to see, tech-wise, in the near future.


Biometric security – When you play online bingo, as you are entering sensitive financial info, I.E bank and debit and credit card details, you need to make sure you’re safe and secure. Biometric security, I.E facial recognition, retina scanning etc, will likely become the norm when depositing and withdrawing funds.


VR – Virtual Reality is already a thing, but right now it’s, shall we say, quite underwhelming. As it begins to advance, though, expect virtual bingo halls to be a lot more accessible.


Cryptocurrency – Some online bingo sites already accept virtual currencies, also known as cryptocurrency in the form of Bitcoin, but as more currencies roll out and grow in popularity, expect more online bingo sites to accept crypto payments and to give the option of crypto pay outs.

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