5 Ways Technology Helps Staying Home During Pandemic and Georgia Heat

5 Ways Technology Helps Staying Home During Pandemic and Georgia Heat

5 Ways Technology Helps Staying Home During Pandemic and Georgia Heat

With this Covid-19 pandemic and this heat in Georgia, there’s two important factors in staying in your home. The only times we’re leaving the house is to go grocery shopping and work. When home, I’m either reading a book, streaming shows or finding ways to make some money. With sports basically at a standstill, I’m no longer playing Draft Kings, but checking out Dunder casino in NZ. When the entire family is home, we have quite a few ways to keep ourselves entertained. I’ll be honest, technology is very important is ours and everyone else’s day of life. Check out 5 ways technology helps staying home during pandemic or Georgia heat below.



As a family, we’re always watching some old-school shows or movies. Whenever it’s me and my oldest two we’re always on the NBA or ESPN app. Last weekend, we all gathered around and binged watched Family Matters on Hulu. This weekend, we’re planning to check out Hangin with Mr. Cooper.



My son is a hardcore gamer and my oldest daughter plays also. Since all three of us love the NBA, they bring me out of gaming retirement from time-to-time. With this ongoing pandemic and working from home sometimes, I’ve been playing more often. Another game we love in Madden and with the new one hitting stores on August 25th, we can’t wait for it to come out.


UNO on Our Phones

All five of us are extremely competitive when it comes to playing anything. When it comes to playing UNO against each other on the phones, it takes things to another level. There are times we have played for two hours because someone always says, one more game. Usually my wife or youngest daughter sends us all links to play in one room together. Sometimes we’re all in the same room or in separate rooms, but we talk trash in the chatroom though.



With the ongoing pandemic, we haven’t physically been around our family as much as we would like. FaceTime has been something we have been doing a lot in the past few months. We bought my wife’s father an up-to-date phone and taught him how to use it. With him staying about an hour away, we have the chance to FaceTime him almost every day. During this time, we’ve enjoyed FaceTime with other relatives also.


Finding New Hobbies

During this downtime, we have found other things that interest us. Lately, my wife and I have started getting involved with stocks and daytime trading. There are a few sites and apps to help with this process of learning. You can also find many groups on Facebook with other people that does the same thing.


With this heat and ongoing pandemic, have you found any new hobbies thanks to technology? What are some things you have taken up during this pandemic? Does it involve technology? Leave some feedback below and drop some ideas also.

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