5 Most Alarming Signs You Are Headed for a Divorce
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5 Most Alarming Signs You Are Headed for a Divorce

5 Most Alarming Signs You Are Headed for a Divorce

Divorce rates have increased dramatically in the last couple of decades, and amid the coronavirus pandemic, these statistics are getting even more horrifying. As a result, the competent divorce attorneys like Woodlands divorce lawyer are enjoying a significant boom in their businesses. The facts that spouses are now spending more time with each other, and that the financial aspects of marriages are incredibly strained due to pay cuts and layoffs, are contributing heavily towards the rise in divorce rates.

We need to be more cautious about our marital behavior during these tough times so that we do not end up losing the love of our life forever due to a potentially temporary situation. Therefore, we have discussed here five most alarming signs of a broken marriage so that you can do something to rectify them before you have to bear the ultimate pain of getting and moving on from a divorce.


1. Disrespect has started to creep in:

Disrespect is a big red flag in a marriage because if one or both of the spouses are being disrespectful towards the other spouse, it indicates that they do not consider them an equal partner. You can absolutely be hurt or angry with your spouse but using scorn and contempt to treat her shows that you have stopped cherishing her as a person.

If you are the one being disrespectful towards your spouse and feel that you wish to continue with the marriage, evaluate the things that have made you less respectful towards your spouse. After that, sit down with your spouse, apologize to her for your behavior, and then explain the reasons why you have started to value her less.


2. You have stopped fighting:

It may sound strange, but if you are not fighting at all, it means that there is something wrong with your marital relationship, because no fighting means no communication. It reflects a serious communication problem in your relationship because no fighting implies that both the spouses have given up on being understood. Therefore, they find it saner to not confront each other so that there is less chance of friction. If it is happening in your relationship, approach your partner about the situation, and resolve the matter before it comes down to divorce.


3. Intimacy has fizzled out:

Marriage is a union of two people that are supposed to be intimate partners, and if this intimacy fizzles out, extraordinarily little remains in the marriage. Sexual intimacy is not only about the sexual activities themselves, as it has an encompassing emotional dimension as well that connects both the spouses at a deeper level. If your marriage is bereft of sexual intimacy, it is indicative of deeper marital issues, and a therapist must be immediately sought to sort out the situation. Otherwise, there is no future of such a relationship, and it is headed for a divorce.


4. You can smell infidelity:

According to studies, infidelity is one of the most common reasons behind the increase in divorce rates. If you are attracted to someone, you must take it as a wake-up call that your marriage is not working instead of acting on that attraction. Otherwise, acting on such instincts will wreck your marriage to an irreparable extent, and there will not be any going back.


5. One or both the spouses have withdrawn emotionally:

Marriage is an incredibly emotional relationship, and your spouse has started to withdraw herself emotionally from the marriage, it means that she is not willing to put in the effort anymore. This behavior will get quite obvious because your spouse will try to find reasons to not spend time with you so that she does not have to talk much. To solve this situation, approach your spouse and tell her how you feel when she is not around so that she knows that you miss her presence. Ask the reasons that are prompting her to behave like this and try to resolve them as gracefully as possible.

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