J. Cole Too Deep for the Intro for Throwback Thursday
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J. Cole Too Deep for the Intro for Throwback Thursday

J. Cole Too Deep for the Intro for Throwback Thursday

Welcome to another Thursday as we inch closer to the weekend. My playlist this week consisted of Jodeci, En Vogue and Mariah Carey. Diary of A Mad Band, En Vogue’s debut and E=MC were the albums plus a Young Buck mixtape and Big Pun’s Yeah Baby joint. We had quite a bit to choose from we’re going in another direction. J. Cole just released two new tracks that’s rumored to be part of his upcoming album, The Fall Off. The Lewis Street singles are called The Climb Back and Lion King on Ice. The Fall Off will be the follow up to his KOD album a couple years ago.

Both the tracks are dope and I’m eagerly anticipating the new album. We’re going back to his Friday Night Lights mixtape for this one. Friday Night Lights was the classic, final mixtape before J. Cole released Cole World: The Sideline Story. The featured Throwback Thursday joint from Friday Night Lights is Too Deep for the Intro. This is a dope J. Cole track with the Erykah Badu sample. While you’re at it, peep my J. Cole playlist that was made last year. Check out the track up above, the track listing and mixtape link below.


  1. Friday Night Lights (Intro)
  2. Too Deep for the Intro
  3. Before I’m Gone
  4. Back to the Topic (Freestyle)
  5. You Got It ft. Wale
  6. Villematic
  7. Enchanted ft. Omen
  8. Blow Up
  9. Higher
  10. In the Morning ft. Drake
  11. 2Face
  12. The Autograph
  13. Best Friend
  14. Cost Me a Lot
  15. Premeditated Murder
  16. Home for the Holidays
  17. Love Me Not
  18. See World
  19. Farewell
  20. Looking for Trouble (Bonus)


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