7 Helpful Tips on Surviving Long Drives With Your Kids

7 Helpful Tips on Surviving Long Drives With Your Kids

Taking your kids on a road trip can be a great bonding opportunity – at least once you arrive at your destination. Having a plan to make sure you can survive this long road trip with the kids is crucial. They need more breaks than you do, and you never know what might set them off on a long drive. Here are some pointers you can use to make sure everybody arrives relaxed and safe:

1. Go Overnight

Going overnight is probably going to be the easiest and most hassle free way of driving to wherever you’re going. Unless part of your trip is the actual road trip, of course. However, driving at night will ensure your kids are tired and that they should sleep through the majority of the journey, ensuring you can drive in peace. Just make sure you’ve had enough sleep!

2. Create A Playlist

Make a playlist or two for the journey. You could make a happy playlist for day, and a sleepy playlist for night. This is easy to do on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Prime.

3. Have A Few Tricks Up Your Sleeve?

Take a few toys with you that the kids don’t know about to keep them occupied when they start getting bored and whiny. If they know about the toy, the novelty will wear off. Try to keep it to yourself until you feel it is really needed!

7 Helpful Tips on Surviving Long Drives With Your Kids

4. Pack Snacks and Drinks Aplenty

Take lots of snacks and drinks so that you’re covered if you can’t find a place to stop and grab some. Sometimes all it takes is a packet of crisps and a juice to keep kids quiet.

5. Make Sure You’ve Had Plenty Of Sleep

Whatever time of day you’re traveling, make sure you’ve had plenty of sleep. Driving on lack of sleep can mean almost driving drunk! You might think that you’d never fall asleep at the wheel, but when you’re tired, it’s a possibility. You can find out what’s worse dui or DWI, but the best thing to do is stay alert and stay sober. If you’re tired, pull over and sleep! Better yet, drive with somebody who can take the wheel for a bit while you sleep.

6. Plan Your Stops

Plan your stops, even if it’s just to get out and stretch your legs and have some fresh air. This can really up morale and stop any meltdowns in their tracks. If you can stop at a park or somewhere similar, this should please the kids. Plan them in advance so you don’t fall short and not know where to stop.

7. Try to Keep A Routine

It can be tough to keep a routine, but if you’re going to be driving in the day and at night, there are a few things you can do. Taking the kid’s pajamas for nighttime can signal to them that it’s bedtime, and you could even play a story in the car to help them drift off.


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