4 Underrated Style Tips All Men Should Know

4 Underrated Style Tips All Men Should Know

There’s no denying that having style is increasingly important to modern men. Alas, we don’t always have the time to put together an outfit in the morning or to hit the stores and fill up our wardrobe. Since they can’t dedicate significant time to looking great, many men accept that they’ll only be able to put in the minimum amount of effort, and that’s it. But even if you have limited time on your hands, there are still things you can do that’ll have you looking your best. It’s all about knowing the underrated style tips that all men should know. We look at just four of these below.

4 Underrated Style Tips All Men Should Know

Dress from the Ground Up

When they’re getting dressed, many people put the emphasis on their outfit on what they’ll be wearing on the upper part of their bodies. The theory goes that if they’ve got a nice t-shirt or shirt on, then they’ll look. While this can be effective, there is a better approach, and that’s to focus on the bottom part of your body instead. Dress from the ground up, and you’ll always look good. So, focus on those shoes/jeans combinations. If you get that part of your outfit right, then you’ll have a lot more leeway when it comes to what you wear on the upper half of your body.


Invest in High-Quality Clothing

How well the outfit “works” is important, but it’s not as if you can wear any old items and expect to look stylish. Clothes, especially low-quality clothing, lose their color and pick up other blemishes over time. What that happens, the outfit will be compromised, no doubt. As such, it’s important that you’re investing in high-quality clothing. Items like Sugar Cane denim will look great from the first moment that you put them on, and they’ll also last longer too. It’s much better to have a limited amount of high-quality clothing items, rather than many wardrobes’ worth of low-quality clothing.


Accessories Are Your Friend

In our opinion, not enough men make the most of accessories. They look great and can make even a relatively mild outfit a lot more interesting. The type of accessories you wear will depend on your preferences and the time of year. During the chillier months, your scarf and gloves sets can add some style to your outfit. During summer, it’ll be all about hats, sunglasses, and wrist jewelry.


A Touch of Boldness

Finally, think about adding a touch of boldness to your outfits. It’s easier and a lot more tempting to playthings safe, but there’s value in pushing the bold out and being a little bit bolder. It can really improve your sense of style and will help you to stand out from the crowd. So, what does this entail, exactly? It could be that you incorporate more color into your outfits, or that you get a little more experimental with the clothes that you wear. You’ll need a little bit of courage, but it’ll pay off.

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