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5 Great Benefits to Why Your Family Need the Airfree Air Purifier

5 Great Benefits to Why Your Family Need the Airfree Air Purifier

This Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world from the way we’ve known it for good. We have to wear masks just to enter stores and many employers are making their employees do the same. With this, we’re practicing social distancing, being more mindful about washing out hands and using hand sanitizer. Many experts believe that the Coronavirus is an airborne virus, which is why the masks are important. While at home, we’re using an ample amount of Lysol to make sure surfaces are clean. We’re also paying close attention to our air filters and I’m actually changing mine more often. One way we’re trying to keep the air clean in our home is by the air purifier. The Airfree air purifier is the one we used in our living room seeing that’s where our family spends most of our time together. Check out 5 Benefits of our Airfree air purifier.


Helps People with Their Asthma

Unfortunately, there are millions of people that live with asthma. No one in my household has it, but we have others in the family that does. People living with asthma have inflamed bronchial tubes. Pollutants such as pet dander, pollen, or dust mites irritate their airways, causing difficulty breathing. The Airfree air purifier’s sterilizing ceramic core helps immensely.


Helps with Odors

We have two dogs running around the house and when they go outside and come back in, don’t smell good. The Airfree air purifiers slightly absorb all the smell, making your room fresh and clean. Also, if someone in your home is a smoker, this may lessen the smell slightly of the smoke.


Reduces Air Borne Diseases

While we don’t know how that helps against Covid-19, it can help in other areas. The common cold and flu are spread through tiny pathogens floating around. When one family member catches the flu, it’s not uncommon for the rest of the family to get sick as well. This happens because everyone is breathing the same air that’s infected with bacteria and viruses. With the fall and winter around the corner, our family usually gets hit by the common cold and flu bug. If you have elderly people living with you, this helps immensely. The Airfree air purifier will also work wonders for those with weak immune systems.


Helps with Asbestos Particles

If you or someone you know that lives in an old house, you may need to check for asbestos. If you breathe in asbestos particles, they can cause a lung disease marked by tissue scarring. Swelling in the neck or face, loss of appetite and difficulty swallowing are some symptoms of asbestosis. This disease also increases the risk of lung cancer.


Increase in Life Expectancy

We all want to live as long as we can or at least be healthy. Indoor air pollution can affect your cardiac, respiratory, and even neurological systems. Chemicals and gases from common household products can accumulate in your lungs. In fact, the airborne particles are so small that they penetrate the blood-brain barrier, impacting your brain and cognitive functions. Having the Airfree air purifier can help with better air quality.


Other Factors to Purchase One

Do you have kids? If so, you may opt to put the Airfree air purifier in their room to help protect them more. The Airfree air purifier is equipped with a night light. They have 10 adjustable light colors and I’m sure your kids will enjoy the different varieties. Unlike many others, you will never have to worry about replacing the air filter. If you’re also worried about the room becoming warmer, no need because it has a cooling chamber. Many air purifiers make noise, but this one is completely silent.

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