If I Could Change Master P From I’m Bout It Soundtrack
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If I Could Change Master P From I’m Bout It Soundtrack

If I Could Change Master P From I’m Bout It Soundtrack

I’m Bout It Soundtrack was one of the best albums from No Limit Records. The soundtrack went on to sell almost 4 million copies worldwide. I’m Bout It produced several hits like How Ya Do Dat, Pushin’ Inside You and Ride 4U. One of the bigger hits from the soundtrack was a track by Master P and Steady Mobb’n. If I Could Change is the track and the featured Throwback Thursday joint. If I Could Change was a dope track and one of my favorite featuring Master P. The track set the tone for the debut album from Steady Mobb’n called Premeditated Drama. Steady Mobb’n was a solid duo for No Limit Records as they released two really good albums. We all know what’s up with Master P as the finale of the No Limit Chronicles aired last night. Check out the track listing and stream links below.

  1. Intro
  2. Meal Ticket- Master P ft. UK & 8Ball & MJG
  3. Situation on Dirty- Brotha Lynch Hung
  4. What Cha Think- Mystikal
  5. Come On- E40 & B-Legit
  6. How Ya Do Dat- Young Bleed ft. Master P & C-Loc
  7. Don’t Mess Around- Fiend
  8. If I Could Change- Master P ft. Steady Mobb’n
  9. Faces of Death- E-A-Ski
  10. Down and Dirty- Silkk the Shocker, C-Murder & Mercedes
  11. Much Love- Mia X
  12. Pushin’ Inside You- Sons of Funk
  13. Before I Die- Mr. Serv-On
  14. For Realz- Kane & Abel
  15. Lock Down- Mac
  16. Heat- Skull Duggery
  17. Murder Murder- Ghetto Twins
  18. Ride 4U- Mr. Jinks
  19. That Thing Is On- Mo B. Dick
  20. Who’s Who- C-Loc & Mo B. Dick
  21. Cops Runnin’ After Ya- Prime Suspects
  22. Game Tight- JT the Bigga Figga & Fast One
  23. Why They Wanna See Me Dead- Gambino Family

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