Sick of Driving? Here’s Why You Should Walk to Work
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Sick of Driving? Here’s Why You Should Walk to Work

Sick of Driving? Here’s Why You Should Walk to Work

Most Americans learn to drive as soon as they turn 16. We’re desperate for some independence and excitement and driving feels like it can give us just that. But, ten, twenty or thirty years on, driving feels a lot less adventurous. Now, it’s a chore, and we can get sick of it.


While driving certainly serves a purpose, there are plenty of reasons to do it less. Walking to work might not be something you’ve considered, but there are so many benefits. Here’s why you should start walking to work.


Fewer risks

Driving is dangerous, especially in rush hour. There are hundreds of cars on the road. How do you know that everyone is being focused and diligent? It only takes one person answering their cellphone to cause an accident (speak to a texting while driving accident lawyer if you’ve been affected). If you walk to work, you avoid these risks. Stick to the pavement and pay attention when crossing the road and your likelihood of being in an accident is much lower.


Health and fitness

We all struggle to make time for fitness. When we work long hours and have a family to provide for, setting aside an hour for the gym can be difficult. But, if you start walking to work, you won’t need to worry about burning extra calories. Walking is great exercise. It helps to maintain a healthy weight, strengthens the heart and eases joint pain. You’ll feel physically and mentally tired after a day at work and will have a better night’s sleep.


Increase motivation

When we drive to work, we start our morning on auto-pilot. Grab our keys, coffee, start the car; sit in traffic for half an hour and away we go. When you walk to work, you feel the endorphins from exercise and start your day in a happier mood – especially if the sun is shining. You’ll find that you’re motivated for your working day and feel more energized.


Save money

We all know that driving can be expensive. When driving, it means that our car wears down quicker, increasing the likelihood of needing expensive repairs. Fuel costs can be extortionate, alongside pesky parking. If you start walking to work you’ll notice how much money you can save a week. Put it aside for a rainy day and treat yourself for doing something good.


Help the environment

Driving is bad for the environment. There’s no debate here. Cars emit carbon monoxide and other poisonous fuels, being a leading contributor to global warming. We all need to make the effort to reduce our carbon footprint, and walking to work could be how you do this. Your noble act means there will be one less vehicle on the road, reducing the damage the planet we call home.

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