4 Things My Daughter Wanted in Her Room for Digital Learning
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4 Things My Daughter Wanted in Her Room for Digital Learning

4 Things My Daughter Wanted in Her Room for Digital Learning

School is officially back and my daughter is beginning her sophomore year in high school. Unlike any other school year, she’s doing her school work online. With the coronavirus pandemic, the school is starting things off with digital learning. We opted for her to do the first semester online. Unfortunately, this Covid-19 stuff is real as we just heard that a 15-year-old Gwinnett county student died from it. Seeing someone loses their life at that age hits home and I can’t fathom how the family is dealing with it. For the next few months, her room is her classroom so we’re going to make it as comfortable as she wants it. Here are the 4 things my daughter wanted in her room for digital learning.


Spa Girl Life Candle

My daughter got the idea of this candle at the place where she gets her lashes done. She was saying the smell is so relaxing and the best smell she’s ever smelt. The Spa Girl Life, a newly launched luxury and vegan candle brand, is the perfect, creative solution for anyone looking to unwind and de-stress. I’ll have to admit; the Cosmic Karma smell is very soothing and just has a fresh smell to it. With the soothing scents of eucalyptus and mint, this candle will elevate your senses and transport you away to a place of inner peace where clarity comes naturally. If you’re a father and have a daughter, get this candle because she’ll love it.


Airfree Purifier

My daughter usually gets sick a lot during the first semester of school. This year, she’s doing her schooling from home, but we still don’t want to take any chance. The Airfree Purifier is good for your living room, but great in a bedroom. We’ve placed it on her vanity and it helps clean the air in her room. She loves lights and this air purifier is equipped with a night light.


LED Lights

As mentioned above, she love lights and she wanted even more in her room. It seems like the younger people have fell in love with the LED lights. We put them all around her room and for some reason it helps her stay focus. As crazy as it sounds, if it helps her we’re going to get them for her.


Something to Make Her Comfortable in Bed with Her Computer

We know that it’s hard to just sit at a desk and be on the computer all day. As an adult, this is something that’s not for me and I know a teenager doesn’t have that kind of patience. We saw those treys they have for breakfast in bed and sought one for computers. The Laptop Desk for Beds is probably one of the coolest things ever. She can switch from being at her desk to lying in the bed doing her school work.

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