Daddy’s Hangout 2020 Summerslam Review
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Daddy’s Hangout 2020 Summerslam Review

Daddy’s Hangout 2020 Summerslam Review

Welcome to the biggest party of the summer and that’s Summerslam. After a highly successful NXTTakeover: XXX the night before. The WWE returned with their 2020 Summerslam PPV. Drew McIntyre put up his WWE Championship against Randy Orton. Braun Strowman defended the Universal title against “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt. Asuka tried to leave with two belts as she battled Bayley and Sasha Banks for the SmackDown and Raw Women’s Championships. The Street Profits took on Angel Garza & Andrade for their Raw tag titles. Dominik Mysterio made his in-ring debut against Seth Rollins. In a loser leave WWE match, Sonya Deville battled Mandy Rose. Let’s see how the 2020 Summerslam turned out.


Daddy’s Hangout 2020 Summerslam Review

We kicked off the 2020 Summerslam with Bayley battling Asuka for her SmackDown Women’s Championship. Bayley entered the match as champion and holding the title for well over 300 days. Since Bayley loss to Naomi, she had to face Asuka first. As expected, these two battled as Banks cheered on Bayley from ringside. Banks got involved a few times distracting Asuka. When they brawled on the floor, Asuka brings it back in but has to kick Banks away again. Bayley rolls Asuka for 2. Asuka kicks her in the gut. Banks gets on the apron but Asuka charges and knocks her off when Bayley moves out of the way. Bayley takes advantage and rolls Asuka for the win. Winner and Still SmackDown Women’s Champ: Bayley

Match Rating: 3.25/5


Daddy’s Hangout 2020 Summerslam Review

We had the Street Profits battling Andrade & Garza for their Raw tag titles. The Profits has a pretty cool entrance with the red cups falling from the rafters. This match had a lot of back and forth action throughout the match. Garza & Andrade singled out Ford and worked on his arm a lot. The finish saw The Profits hit the double team on Garza, who tried to get a tag but couldn’t as Andrade was checking on Vega after she got knocked off the apron. Winners and Still Raw Tag Champs: The Street Profits

Match Rating: 3/5– interesting scenario as it seems like trouble between Garza & Andrade again.


Daddy’s Hangout 2020 Summerslam Review

We had the loser leaves WWE match between former best friends. The feud between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville cane to an end after months of fighting. With what they went through earlier in the week with the stalker trying to kill Deville, they did their best. In the end, Rose hit two knee strikes. A third running knee puts Deville back down. Rose with the big Facebuster in the middle of the ring. Rose yells at Deville to get back up. Rose with another knee to the face for the pin to win. Winner: Mandy Rose

Match Rating: 2/5


Daddy’s Hangout 2020 Summerslam Review

We had Seth Rollins taking on Dominik Mysterio in a No DQ match. Coming into this match, we didn’t know how Mysterio would hold up against Rollins. Having a debut match at Summerslam against Seth Rollins is pretty freaking huge. The storytelling with Rollins with Dominik, Rey and the wife of Rey was really amazing. Mysterio Jr. got involved and after he was cuffed to the ropes, Rollins turned his attention to Dominik’s mom. It lit a fire in Dominik as he got in a good amount of offense. In the end, Rollins mounts Dominik’s back and taunts him with Rey. Rollins breaks, gets up and nails a big Stomp in the middle of the ring while Rey reaches for his son. Rollins covers for the pin to win. Winner: Seth Rollins

Match Rating: 4/5– Great storytelling and debut for the young man.


Daddy’s Hangout 2020 Summerslam Review

We had Asuka vying to recapture the Raw Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks. Banks immediately started working on the knee of Asuka. Asuka turns the table on Banks as Bayley looked on from the outside. These two put on a clinic with counters and both using their submission moves. Towards the end, Bayley gets on the apron but Asuka misses a Hip Attack on both of them. This chaos leads to Asuka getting the Asuka Lock on Banks. Banks goes for the rope but Asuka pulls her back. Banks taps out. Winner and New Raw Women’s Champ: Asuka

Match Rating: 3.5/5– This match was better the one between Asuka and Bayley. After the match, Banks looked shocked, frustrated, and confused. This is my argument on how they do Sasha, she never has a successful run as a singles champion.


Daddy’s Hangout 2020 Summerslam Review

Drew McIntyre put up his WWE Championship against Randy Orton. These two took their feud up a notch after Orton took out Ric Flair a few weeks back. I’ll be honest, this has been some of Orton’s best work. As far as their match, this was very physical and one with mind games were played. Orton went for the RKO early and often as he kept McIntyre frustrated. Both men shed a little blood with Orton from the forehead and Drew on the eye. Towards the end, they both tried to nail their finishers. Drew misses the Claymore as Orton ducks. Drew dodges the RKO but comes right back and ends up ducking another RKO, then back-sliding Orton for the pin to retain. Winner and Still WWE Champ: Drew McIntyre

Match Rating: 4/5– Amazing match with a finish that’s made for an immediate rematch. I’m assuming they’ll face each other next Sunday at the Payback PPV. We also saw that Keith Lee is headed to Raw tonight.


Daddy’s Hangout 2020 Summerslam Review

The final match of the night saw Braun Strowman facing “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt for Braun’s Universal Championship. These two have been playing mind games and Braun re-emerging with a more sadistic look. This was a Falls Count Anywhere match. They brawled inside and outside the ring. They went up the ramp and used the LED board as a weapon. As they fought in the back, Fiend hit Sister Abigail in the Gorilla Position. They went back towards the ring fighting some more. While beating down the Fiend, Strowman goes back out to the open toolbox and grabs a box cutter.

Strowman brings the box cutter back into the ring. Strowman starts slicing the mat up, pulling foam away and exposing the wood. Fiend gets up and drives Strowman onto the wood with a Uranage, then a Sister Abigail. Fiend with another Sister Abigail on the exposed wood. Fiend covers for the pin to win the title. Winner and New Universal Champ: The Fiend Bray Wyatt

Match Rating: 3.5/5– Let me say that the Fiend’s entrance is amazing and looked awesome. After the match, someone began attacking the Fiend in the ring. It turned out to be a returning Roman Reigns, whom we haven’t seen since before WrestleMania. Reigns beat the hell out of Wyatt and then turned his attention to Strowman. Reigns nailed them with spears and beat Strowman down with a chair until he bent it. Reigns looked jacked and in the best shape of his career.



Overall Rating: 7/10– Thus was really an amazing 2020 Summerslam. All the matches delivered with the exception on the Rose/Deville, but that’s understandable. Below are my top matches from the 2020 Summerslam.


  1. Drew McIntyre(c) vs. Randy Orton
  2. Seth Rollins vs. Dominik Mysterio
  3. Sasha Banks(c) vs. Asuka
  4. Braun Strowman(c) vs. The Fiend Bray Wyatt
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