6 Slick Deals Available at Finish Line Right Now
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6 Slick Deals Available at Finish Line Right Now

6 Slick Deals Available at Finish Line Right Now

We have finally got our sports back and the kids are starting school once again. Of course, everything changed back in March with the Covid-19 pandemic. The sports world was shut down and the kids reverted to digital learning. My daughter started school a couple weeks ago, but we’ve opted for her to do digital learning the first semester. We will monitor the coronavirus and decide later if she’ll go back during the second semester. Either way, she still wants some school clothes and I’ll need new sporting gear. Since we’re big fans of Finish Line and don’t want to hit up the mall, we will shop online. I’m someone that loves to save money and always searching for great deals. One site that will help save money at Finish Line is called Slickdeals. Check out these 6 slick deals available at Finish Line right now we used.



When my daughter does go back to school, she will need a brand new backpack. The ones they sell at Finish Line are stylish and they can hold a good amount of stuff in them. Backpacks aren’t cheap, but with this coupon code you can save up to $20 on one.


Save Money on Nike Gear

What child doesn’t love sporting gear from Nike? To be honest, this is a great time for me to stock up on stuff from Nike myself. By shopping at Finish Line and going through Slickdeals, you can get up to 60% off.


Deal on Jordan Gear

What child doesn’t love wearing anything Jordan? My daughter has shirts, socks, shoes and even slides from Jordan. Well actually, we can say the same for me also. Jordan gear isn’t cheap, so anytime I’m able to save some money on them I’m on it. With Slickdeals, you can save up to 50% on some fly Jordan stuff.


They Use Afterpay

How many people have used or know someone that uses Afterpay? Afterpay is something where you can pay in installments so you don’t have to spend your money at once. If this interests you, check out this link right here and start paying for your gear in 4 equal payments.


Save Money on Your Birthday

Do you have a birthday right around the corner? For me, my birthday is next month and by being a Status Member. When your birthday comes around, place an order and get $20 off your purchase. For me, I’m going to treat myself on my birthday and save some funds in the process.


Other Deals

By checking out Slickdeals, you’ll see they have much more than what’s been mentioned. As we all know, Finish Line is more than just Nike, Jordan’s or school apparel. They have anything for your kids and adults and by becoming a Status Member; you can get so much more. You can earn money back, save on shipping and get discounted gear from Finish Line through Slickdeals.


Have you heard about Slickdeals before? What do you think about the deals and ways to save money at Finish Line? Are you considering trying them out? What are some deals you would try out? Leave some feedback below about the slick deals from Finish Line.

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