Tips for Choosing Great Hair Care Products As A Man

Tips for Choosing Great Hair Care Products As A Man

Tips for Choosing Great Hair Care Products As A Man

Great hair means clean, dandruff-free, itch-free, and healthy hair. Of course, your hairstyle makes a lot of difference in your overall look, regardless if you want to look professional for a business or formal event, casual for a night out or adorable for a date.


Choosing hair products can be overwhelming because there are plenty of options available out there, promising to give you the best outcomes. In this article, you can check out some helpful tips for choosing amazing hair care products.


Choosing Shampoo and Conditioner

Men have a reputation of being less sensitive or less vain than women, using whatever hair product is available without complaint. However, a poor choice may result in oily, dry, dull, or limp hair. The hair and scalp of men are different from that of women and children.


Here are some expert tips when choosing the best shampoo and conditioner as a man:


  • Know Your Unique Needs: You can’t just use any family shampoo and conditioner without considering your unique hair and scalp needs.


  • Check What’s In It: Choosing the best men’s shampoo and conditioner also boils down to knowing the ingredients. The best active ingredients include keratin and natural oils, such as argan oil and shea butter.


  • Know the Benefits: Not all shampoo and hair conditioning products are the same. Men have varying hair types, from thin hair with less volume to thick, voluminous hair, and straight to curly hair. Check the product description and read through its claims or benefits.


  • Choose the Right Brand: Great hair begins with choosing the right shampoo brand to ensure clean and oil-free hair. Also, choosing the best conditioner for men entails knowing your hair goals, such as adding hair volume, eliminating dandruff, or providing extra shine. Check honest reviews or testimonials from consumers about a particular brand of shampoo and conditioner you’re interested in.


Choosing Hair Styling Products

Tips for Choosing Great Hair Care Products As A Man

Men hair styling manufacturers and marketers use the terms “hold” and “shine” when referring to hair styling products. The type of hair styling product to choose, like other grooming products, should consider the hair type, style, and overall look.


The term “hold” obviously refers to the product’s holding power or how flexible your hair becomes after applying it. Your hair becomes stiff and fixed in place with a product that has a stronger hold. Achieve more pliable hair using a product with low or medium hold.

On the other hand, the term “shine” refers to your hair’s appearance after applying the product. Your hair gets wet, glossy, or low shine, giving a matte finish or looking like you have used no hair product at all.


Your hair texture is also an essential factor when choosing a hair styling product. Texture pertains to how the hair feels and looks after you’ve applied the product. It’s an important consideration when layering the hair for different hairstyles.

Below are some of the most commonly used men’s hair styling products:


  • Gel: Hair gels are usually considered old school. They set your hair in place and leave it stiff and sticky after application.


  • Pomade: It leaves the hair with a “slick” look, and is more suitable for curly or thick hair. If you want to attain a sporty hairstyle, with a well-combed look, pomade is the best choice for you. It creates a slick appearance and provides a medium hold. Unlike hair gels, pomade will not leave the hair crunchy or hard, allowing you to restyle throughout the day.


  • Wax: Hair wax falls into the medium hold and medium shine category. It leaves a matte or shinier finish. Using hair wax is highly recommended for short to medium length and straight hair. Men with wavy hair or curly locks should avoid using wax because it can cause clumping. Unlike gel, hair becomes more pliable, allowing you to restyle your hair without difficulty throughout the day.


  • Sea Salt Spray: This hair styling product is a relative newcomer that includes salt in the formula. Because it absorbs the natural oils, the hair achieves better texture, volume, and waves. It does not leave your hair sticky, hard, or greasy, and can be applicable for different hair types.



Choosing great hair products depends on your desired look, hair quality, and the style you want to achieve. Regardless of your hair type, your hair care routine should start with using good shampoo and conditioner. For hair styling products, wax is more suitable for those with straight and medium-length hair. On the other hand, pomade is best for men with curly or thick hair.

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