Why and How the Firearms Sales Got Spikes During Covid-19?

Why and How the Firearms Sales Got Spikes During Covid-19?

Why and How the Firearms Sales Got Spikes During Covid-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed things for the foreseeable future as we know it. We have grown conscious in cleanliness and wearing masks have become a fashion statement. We practice social distancing like our life depended on it. The pandemic done something I never thought I’d see and that’s shut down sports in America. The NHL and NBA restarted with the bubble concept, while baseball chose not to go that route. Unfortunately, they have had several games cancelled due to positive tests. The bubble has proven to be a success for basketball and hockey. The economy has taken a major hit in the process also and more people were working from home. It seems like most people are too scared to buy anything and understandably so. There is one thing that has risen during this time and that’s the purchase of firearms.

It was reported last month that the sales for firearms among first time buyers is skyrocketing. It was reported by the New York Times back in April that around 2 million guns were sold. In July, federal background checks for gun purchases totaled over 3.6 million people. So, why are people buying firearms by a record number? With so much going on in this country, people are taking their personal safety into their own hands. For me, crime has risen in my area as far as burglaries and break-ins. You would think that handguns would be the most popular, but that’s not the case. AR-15 sales are on the rise and they’re buying any tool or equipment with them. AR-15 Iron sights have also seen a spike in sales.

If you’re a beginner, don’t just buy the first one you come in contact with. If you’re smart like me, check out the best AR-15 iron sights and see which one is best for you. Will the gun sales continue to break records for the rest of the year? If I’m a betting man, I’d definitely say this trend will continue. We are still having protests, riots and many people are also scared of the police also. They will continue to purchase them and did I mention that this is an election year. With so much tension in the country and Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere, gun sales will continue to rise. If you haven’t looked into purchasing a firearm, now is the perfect time to do so.

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