5 Deals from Under Armour That Everyone Can Appreciate
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5 Deals from Under Armour That Everyone Can Appreciate

5 Deals from Under Armour That Everyone Can Appreciate

Are you someone that prides yourself on staying active all the time? Would you say that you have a very active lifestyle? Being someone that used to love going to gym, this pandemic has stopped that. My usual gym routine was going at night after work around 12:45. The gym changed their hours to where I’m not able to go anymore. After cancelling my membership, I’ve come up with other ways to remain active. Recently, we added a treadmill, Bo Flex machine and a weight set downstairs. With the new equipment, we’re turning this into a family affair and trying to stay healthy. With the fall coming up and we’re going to be walking in the morning we need new gear. Seeing that Under Armour is known for their fitness and athletic apparel, we found some Slickdeals. Check out 5 deals from Under Armour that everyone can appreciate.


Steph Curry Collection

My daughters are huge fans of Step Curry. Every year when the Golden State Warriors come to Atlanta, we always go to the game. Throughout the years, we’ve spend some serious funds on his apparel, jerseys and shoes. With my girls love for anything related to Steph Curry, this coupon is perfect us. If you have a child that follows basketball, they’re probably a Steph Curry fan. They also probably want his latest shoes when they drop, so the code will come in handy.


Fall Collection

As mentioned before, the fall season is less than a month away from being here. With the fall, we have some cool mornings and I’ll need to dress accordingly. The fall collection is full of apparel for me and my wife to wear. Whether its shirts, tights, shoes or some new shoes we can save money.


Free Shipping

When doing online shopping, one of the snags we hit before ordering is shipping costs. Sometimes that’s the difference in purchasing or not. If you choose to order your Under Armour gear online, you can get free shipping for any order over $60. With a deal like that, why not take advantage of it while you can.



With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, more and more places require masks. Just about every place we go to, they will not let you enter without a mask. They have them in black, white and green for now. The Under Armour masks have better airflow, a cool feel and they’re sustainable. When it comes to Under Armour, you know you’re getting great quality and the masks will be no different. If you’re going to go walking or jogging in a mask, you will need this one.


They Look Out For the Community

With these trying times, first responders, military personnel, medical staff and teachers are vulnerable. Under Armour shows that they appreciate with all that they do. If you fall into either of those categories above, you can save when buying Under Armour. They offer those responders, teachers, military and medical workers 20% off their purchase. With all they have to endure during these times, this is an amazing gesture by them.

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