Mama Said Knock You Out Released 30 Years Ago Today
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Mama Said Knock You Out Released 30 Years Ago Today

Mama Said Knock You Out Released 30 Years Ago Today

LL Cool J is known as one of the greatest rappers of all-time. LL burst upon the scene in 1985 with Radio and held his own for decades. 30 years ago today, LL Cool J released his fourth album, Mama Said Knock You Out. Mama Said Knock You Out was the follow-up to his platinum selling Walking with a Panther. Walking with a Panther produced four classic LL Cool J tracks, so how was Mama Said Knock You Out? It seemed like the people really loved the album because it eventually went double platinum. LL dropped five singles off the album. Around the Way girl was the third one to drop and was the first to chart on Billboard. The title track, Mama Said Knock You Out was the fourth single to be released. The track is considered one of LL’s greatest hits and it eventually went gold.

6 Minutes of Pleasure was the final single that dropped and it was released in the middle of 1991. Overall, this was a nice album and definitely in my top-5 LL Cool J albums. If I had to choose I’d say this is my third or fourth favorite LL studio project. For my Throwback Thursday, we’re just going to rock this whole album. Check out the track listing below for the album. You can check it out by listening to the stream links also.

  1. The Boomin’ System
  2. Around the Way Girl
  3. Eat ‘em Up, L Chill
  4. Good Bar
  5. Murdergram (Live at Rapmania)
  6. Cheesy Rat Blues
  7. Farmers Blvd. (Our Anthem) ft. Big Money Grip, Bomb, HIC
  8. Mama Said Knock You Out
  9. Milky Cereal
  10. Jingling Baby (Remixed but Still Jingling)
  11. To Da Break of Dawn
  12. 6 Minutes of Pleasure
  13. Illegal Search
  14. The Power of God

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