Junior Mafia Dropped Conspiracy 25 Years Ago Today
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Junior Mafia Dropped Conspiracy 25 Years Ago Today

Junior Mafia Dropped Conspiracy 25 Years Ago Today

Junior Mafia released Conspiracy, their debut album 25 years ago today. As we know, Junior Mafia is the group of friends he put on after his classic Ready to Die album. This album has some significance to me because this was the first CD I purchase after leaving cassettes. Junior Mafia’s Conspiracy went on to go gold on the strength of 3 singles. Player’s Anthem was the first single and it featured Notorious Big, Lil’ Kim and Lil’ Cease. Player’s Anthem went on to sell over 500, 000 copies and put the spotlight on Cease and Kim. Player’s Anthem was a great single from the album and was a dope track with all three spitting. My favorite track off the album was their second single. I Need You Tonight also had Lil Kim, but this time she was joined by Trife and Kleptomaniac.

I Need You Tonight featured Biggie’s wife, Faith Evans on the chorus. For me, Kleptomaniac killed this track on the final verse which is why this is a classic track. Lil Kim did her thing also, which is why people wanted to hear from her on a solo tip. On the radio single and video, the late, great Aaliyah did the chorus instead of Faith Evans. The final single off the album was Get Money and it was released in the beginning of 1996. Junior Mafia also released the remix on the single and it went platinum. During this time, Biggie threw shots at his wife Faith Evans on this track and in the video. After the buzz of the Get Money track, Biggie and Junior Mafia started gearing up for Lil Kim’s album. Hard Core was the name of her album and it sold over 5 million records worldwide.

With the death of the Notorious Big in March of 1997, Junior Mafia was never the same as a group. Lil Kim and Lil Cease ended up beefing with each other for years and the other members had legal troubles. Junior Mafia dropped one more in 2005 with no noise. It was only three members for the album and it’s unfortunate they never dropped another one together. Conspiracy is a great album and made you want to hear more from them. Either way, check out the track listing below and it’s followed by the stream links.

    1. Intro
    2. White Chalk
    3. Excuse Me (Interlude)
    4. Realms of Junior Mafia
    5. Player’s Anthem
    6. I Need You Tonight
    7. Get Money
    8. I’ve Been…..
    9. Crazaay
    10. Back Stabbers
    11. Shot!
    12. Lyrical Wizardry
    13. Oh My Lord
    14. Murder Onze
    15. Outro

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