3 Sure Fire Ways To Ensure Barbecue Success
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3 Sure Fire Ways To Ensure Barbecue Success

With the Covid-19 restrictions beginning to ease, you might be planning to meet up with friends and family for the first time in months. Rather than risk being indoors, you want to organize a gathering that remains outdoors, safe, and secure for those individuals who might be a little nervous venturing out once again. What better soiree to enjoy than a barbecue? If you are blessed with plenty of outdoor space, you might be keen to host some al fresco dining. Meeting up with your nearest and dearest in person rather than relying on Zoom or Skype meetings is exciting. Take a look at how you can host an incredible barbecue get together in the age of a global pandemic.

3 Sure Fire Ways To Ensure Barbecue Success

Stay Safe

You may need to set some ground rules for your guests when they turn up to your gathering. While you might be desperate to hug your mom, you still need to maintain your social distance. Two meters is ideal especially if you won’t be wearing face coverings. Ensure that you have some hand sanitizer in your garden at a few stations. Perhaps dot some on the outdoor dining furniture, on a tree stump near your lawn, and as people enter your house. You might not want people sitting down on your sofa to watch TV, but they may need to hot foot it indoors to use your bathroom. Rather than put out some new hand towels, use disposable paper alternatives that can be binned straight away.


The Food

Rather than opting for a buffet style affair where hands, forks, and other shareable items can mix, ensure every food item remains on individual plates. This means no sharing salad platter, no lazy susans, and no chocolate boxes. Enjoy rustling up some classic burgers, hotdogs, steaks, and prawn skewers, and have people queue up with their disposable plates to collect some grub. This ensures that there is much less chance of contamination between people. For dessert, opt for delicious individual tubs of ice cream or go for some muffin style cakes for people to enjoy.

3 Sure Fire Ways To Ensure Barbecue Success


There’s nothing better than partaking in some games when you host a barbecue. If the sun is shining and people are enjoying one another’s company, consider the games available at Cornhole Worldwide to add some fun to your soiree. These cornhole games can be enjoyed by guests, old and young, while you listen to some of your favorite tunes and have a long overdue catch up. Ensure that there is plenty going on for the younger guests. Giant jenga, soccer balls, and a paddling pool can be a great addition to your al fresco gathering. Keeping people outdoors can be tough, so ensure that you have plenty to entertain in your garden.


Send out your invites, buy some top quality food, light the barbecue, and tidy the garden ready to greet your guests. If you are keen to meet up with your nearest and dearest in a safe way, think about hosting a phenomenal barbecue this weekend.

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