Dark Souls Giant Dad Build – Giant Dad Guide
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Dark Souls Giant Dad Build – Giant Dad Guide

Dark Souls Giant Dad Build – Giant Dad Guide

The Giant Dad build is one of the most potent PvP meta builds. It is commonly used as a Dark Soul meme and because of its physical strength and stamina. It can confuse even for professional players. Although some use this to their advantage, some don’t buy the idea of using this character. Instead, they only want to learn tricks that can be employed to defeat this great character.

The Giant Dad character comes with some attributes which made it possess the abilities it has. It is equipped with its dad’s mask and ring, which boosts its stamina, which in turn explains why it gets back on its feet as soon as it falls. Its sword can crush as many enemies as possible in just one strike. Its sword is such a huge one, which also explains a lot about his abilities.

Furthermore, it comes with the Blue Flame Attack. With this attribute, this build can blow off its enemies when they get close to it. But with all these attributes, the Giant Dad Build can be defeated. Below, we will examine some techniques that can be employed to edge out the Giant Dad Build in a fight.

Building the Character

Building a Giant Dad character can be achieved at Soul-level of 99. Yet, you must have gathered some certain elements to achieve this build. Below are some of them.

  • Giant Armor: The giant armor’s set is sold at the giant blacksmith situated at the Cathedral of Anor Londo. You can also purchase other armor sets like the Giant leggings, the Giant Gauntlets, and lots more. But if you don’t want to carry extremely heavy armor, the giant armor is an ideal physical defense weapon.
  • Chaos Zweihander: most people see this weapon as the deadliest weapon that you can use with both hands. To utilize this weapon, you need to get a 16STR
  • Havel’s ring and Ring of Protection and Favor: To find this ring easily, you need to conquer the knight Lautrec of Carim. You can also get the ring of favor and protection by going to see Snuggly the Crow, who will, in turn, ask for the Xanthos Crown. So, you must give up a Xanthos Crown to get a ring of favor and protection.

To get a Havel’s ring, you need to conquer Havel the rock. Once you obtain the Havel’s ring, you can increase your armor.

  • Giant Shield: This shield is one of the most sought after in the game but can only be effective if used correctly. You can also make use of Grass Crest Shield. This shield gives you a balanced stamina power.
  • Also, the Dark Hand is another armor made available for use. This armor protects you from about 80% of familiar but unavoidable damages. It can also be used to rip off the humanity of others.
  • Another useful weapon of the Giant Dad build is the DarkFlame, obtained from the Chasm of Abyss. It becomes handy when battling an opponent at close range.

Fighting an Opponent Who Uses This Build

Some people still want to fight against an opponent using Giant Dad even though it seems impossible.

Beating an opponent using the Giant Dad can be a daunting task, but there are tactics you can employ to overcome the Giant Dad.

To beat an opponent using the Giant Dad, you must learn some skills like backstabbing, rolling, and parrying. You can’t just win the opponent when you face him head-on. You must be on the defensive. You also have to be patient and be on the lookout for times he would be unsuspecting to launch some attacks.

One method to go about overcoming your Giant Dad opponent is to use the tranquil walk of peace. The weapon is fast and effective, and you can use it against your Giant Dad opponent while it keeps avoiding the AoE. The Crustal Soul Spear or the Great Heavy Soul Arrow is another weapon you can use to overcome your Giant Dad opponent.

Giant Dad is easy to predict; during the final stages, it becomes extremely slow in action, and this is the best time to launch your attacking moves. Also, you need to watch out for times when its sword gets trapped in the ground, so you can quickly stab him from behind.

Just make sure you’re not hit with his weapons. Be patient, endure, and only launch attacks when it is weak or stuck. Avoid moving close to him to avoid using its dark flames on you. When you effectively do all of these, you have a better chance of defeating your opponent.

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