3 Ways to Embrace A Manly Look And The Caveman Style
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3 Ways to Embrace A Manly Look And The Caveman Style

Are you interested in looking a little more manly? A lot of women love this style for a man. They want to be with a guy who looks like they can hunt and gather or keep them safe in difficult protection. They want to feel as though they are secure in your arms and some are even looking for the alpha meal. This look can be hard to achieve if it doesn’t come naturally however, it’s certainly not impossible so let’s dive into some of the best possibilities to explore.

3 Ways to Embrace A Manly Look And The Caveman Style

The Right Physique

You have two options if you want to appear more manly in terms of your physique. The first option is to pack on the muscle. Now, this can be difficult to do if you have a rapid metabolism. It can mean it’s tricky to put on weight and muscle even at the best of times. You’ll have this issue if you have quite a gangly or slender frame. It’s particularly noticeable if you don’t have broad shoulders. A lot of men aren’t naturally muscular. That’s a problem because just like women most stylish clothing for men is designed for a specific type of figure or body. This means that if you don’t have the right figure your clothes aren’t going to look right. They could seem baggy and as though they don’t match you at all.

If you do struggle to put on weight, then you might want to consider adding more protein to your diet. The easiest way to do this is with a protein shake. Otherwise, you’ll have to add a lot of calories to your meals. Research Dwayne Johnson’s diet to find exactly what we’re talking about here. It’ll amaze you how much that guy has to eat.

The alternative is to go for the classic ‘dad bod’ look. This is an option if you have the muscle, but you find it exhausting to keep up. You can let yourself go a little while working out enough to stay toned. Essentially, you get the belly bulge, but you don’t let yourself become a saggy mess. A brief exercise routine every other day can help you achieve this look, even if you have a poor diet.


Facial Hair

Of course, one of the classic aesthetic styles of a manly man is facial hair. Ideally, you want as much facial hair as possible and potentially a full beard. Just like the weight problem, some men do struggle to grow facial hair. This can be due to hormone deficiencies or a genetic issue that you picked up from your father. If you have patchy or thin facial hair, it’s likely that your dad did too. So, you can probably bond with him over this or rant about it.

The good news? There are ways to encourage your facial hair to grow and this includes shaving the right way. Here’s more about whether shaving makes your beard thicker. It can work but you have to approach it correctly. One of the main points is looking after your skin.

There’s more good news too. When you are going for the manly look, you don’t have to worry about trimming your body hair that much either. Although most women will draw the line when hair starts growing on your back. That’s usually a problem as you get older. There’s a difference between looking manly and looking completely unkempt or like a wild animal. Although for some women and men it’s the hairier the better.



3 Ways to Embrace A Manly Look And The Caveman Style

Finally, you might want to think about getting some tats if you want to look manly. The reason why tats make you look manly is simply. Tattoos suggest that you can handle a little bit of pain or a lot depending on the physique. If your skinny tattoos hurt a lot more so don’t worry too much if you can only handle some smaller ones. Even the tattoo artist isn’t going to judge you for this. You can choose whatever type of style you want though it’s often best to get typical black designs rather than opt for colorful images. Chest and biceps are a popular choice in terms of location.

We hope this helps you understand the best ways to look a little more manly and revert back to your caveman ancestors a little. If you do this, you could certainly notice a change. Your partner might find you more attractive and you may even have more confidence in yourself. A lot of men love the way they look once they rough it up a little more than usual.

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