What Is the Tao Of Badass Program?
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What Is the Tao Of Badass Program?

What Is the Tao Of Badass Program?

Many young men have a problem finding girls. Usually, women like dating older guys and not the ones that are born in the same year as them. That’s why men have it more challenging in the early dating game. As guys get older, their sexual value increases, but that doesn’t mean that young people in their twenties don’t deserve to find a partner.

Also, many males have an innate fear of girls, and they don’t know how to approach them. Now, there are many coaches and manuals that serve as a means for these guys to gain more confidence and learn the secrets of body language and pickup lines. Click on this link to read more.

However, one program stands above all of them as the intro to that world, and it’s called the Tao of Badass. It was written by a guy called Josh Pellicer, and he’s made a name of himself in the dating world. The great thing about the style of writing is that he doesn’t present himself as someone who’s better than you.

Instead, he’s just a regular man who saw that his efforts in the dating world weren’t as he thought. Instead, he tells his story of overcoming adversities, changing his behavior, and all the revelations he gathered during a period of a few years.

That’s because he tested different approaches, and that whole work needs time to be perfected. He doesn’t offer any rushed solutions, so don’t think that just by reading it you’ll become the next Dan Bilzerian. Just like anything in life, this too, needs work, time, and effort.

Become an attractive man

What Is the Tao Of Badass Program?

Whether we like it or not, appearance matters. At the start of the program, Joshua introduces the term Badass as someone who women love. That way, you can correlate the term an imagine yourself in the scenario where you become the guy who gets all the girls.

There’s a lot of interesting science that goes behind male and female gender roles. This taps into the subconscious of the opposite sex, and in the Tao of Badass Program you learn that a woman looks for in a man. When you know this, you will jump in and start fulfilling your role as a man.

This will make sure that you don’t become friend-zoned or you don’t get hit with the nice guy compliment, which takes your chances of getting laid from slim to none. The first thing that you must master is confidence. All the people we remember from history were filled with confidence. No one remembers an introverted man who sits in the corner and observes.

Instead, everyone gathers to the one who makes everyone laugh, which is full of stories, who isn’t afraid to tackle a challenge, and who knows how to treat a lady. There are a few techniques that will help you believe in yourself more. An exciting idea is mimicking and faking. When you start faking confidence, it will seem weird at first.

You will feel like an impostor in your own body. But, the more you do it, the more it will come naturally. Before you know it, you’re going to become a better and more attractive version of yourself. To help you some more, he throws in some interesting conversation starters and guides, which make it fun and playful. As soon as you tickle the mind of the woman, she will become more interested in you.  View this link for more info https://nextluxury.com/mens-relationships/dating-advice-for-men/.

Men are mostly interested in the appearance of the opposite sex, while the ladies are looking for someone who emulates power and confidence. This means you’re going to learn how to demonstrate your value without bragging. That’s hard to do, and it’s a tricky ground. You’re going to make a lot of mistakes when you talk, but eventually, you’re going to get the hang of it.

Rapport and seduction

What Is the Tao Of Badass Program?

These two parts are an absolute necessity. There’s a cunning use of open-ended questions that make a boring conversation turn into an emotional rollercoaster. This makes it easy to click with the opposite sex in a matter of seconds.

First impressions are crucial, and you’ll be mastering them with ease. Building rapport is essential if you want to see a girl again. This means there won’t be any more ghosting after a few messages. Also, when you go on a date and message her the next day, she will surely reply.

Following this part comes seduction. Here you get introduced to the two mindsets that govern our lives. The first one is the rational, and the second one is the emotional. We like to think of ourselves as rational beings, but most of our behavior is based on emotion.  Click here to read more.

You don’t buy things rationally. You simply buy them because you like them. Rising up from the emotional to the rational takes time, patience, and control. This way, you’ll be in charge of the conversation and the seduction.

She won’t turn away from the kiss, and you will escalate her sexual arousal. Now, this program isn’t only about one-night stands. Instead, it gives proper relationship advice and how to keep a girl after you seduce her. This is a foolproof system for people who get cheated on, friend-zoned, and have never had a girlfriend.

Reading body language

Body language is an absolute essential when you’re talking to another person. There is always someone who is more dominant and another who is submissive. But that also translates to positive and negative poses. There are visual distinctions, and you’re going to see all the nuances that can happen when you’re talking to somebody.

If you’re getting negative cues, that will signal to you to change the subject and lead the conversation in another way. It will also show you signs when a girl is attracted to you and then approach her. This is important because the faster you can spot a girl is into you, the quicker you can go over and talk to her. The entire program is focused on giving you more confidence and making you more attractive. As the name says, it will turn you into a badass.

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