Classic Track B.G. Living Legend for Throwback Thursday
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Classic Track B.G. Living Legend for Throwback Thursday

Classic Track B.G. Living Legend for Throwback Thursday

Welcome to another Thursday, this means we’re getting closer to the weekend. Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em, Mean Green No Limit compilation, Come Home with Me by Cam’ron was on my playlist. Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP, a personal mixtape and a slow jams CD was also on the list. The final album that made the list will have one of its tracks as my featured Throwback Thursday joint. The album is It’s All On U Vol. 2 from B.G. B.G. released Volume 2 just a few months after the release of Volume 1. I’ve said many times before that B.G. was my favorite from the Hot Boys. As a matter of fact, he was my personal favorite of all Cash Money Records. It’s All on U Vol. 2 featured the Big Tymers and the Hot Boys. Unfortunately, B.G. is still locked up on gun possession charges.

We all can’t wait for B.G. to finally make it home as I would love to hear some new music from him. Living Legend is the featured track for Throwback Thursday. For all you B.G. or Cash Money Records fans, this was a great album. The entire project was produced by the great Mannie Fresh. Living Legend was one of the highlights off his third album. B.G. is still young and it’s hard to believe he’s been in the game for 25 years. Check out the track Living Legend up above. Check out the track listing and stream links for It’s All On U Vol. 2 below.

  1. Don’t Hate Me ft. Big Tymers
  2. What U Want Do
  3. Get Your Shine On (Remix) ft. Big Tymers
  4. Living Legend
  5. Hot Boys 226 ft. Yellaboy, Lil’ Ya, Lil Wayne & Juvenile
  6. Ride or Die ft. Lil Wayne & Juvenile
  7. Plan Went Sour
  8. Clean Up Man
  9. I’m Try’n ft. Lil Wayne & Juvenile
  10. “U” All “N”
  11. 6 Figure ft. Hot Boys
  12. Stay N Line Hoe ft. Big Tymers

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