The Day After by Twista Dropped 15 Years Ago Today
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The Day After by Twista Dropped 15 Years Ago Today

The Day After by Twista Dropped 15 Years Ago Today

Twista been in the game almost 30 years as he dropped Runnin’ Off at da Mouth back in 1992. Earlier in the year, Twista released an EP called Lifetime which was the follow-up to the Summer ’96 mixtape from 2019. For me, Twista wasn’t on my radar until he appeared on Po’ Pimp with Do or Die back in 1996. Actually, Twista appeared on a few tracks on Do or Die’s classic Picture This project. With the buzz Twista received from appearing with Do or Die he dropped his breakout joint the following year. Adrenaline Rush dropped in June 1997 and it was an instant classic. Adrenaline Rush went platinum and my most vivid memory of the album was just how hard it was. My best friend used to ride around and bump the hell out of it because he had a nice system.

Unfortunately, Twista didn’t release another solo album until almost 7 years later. Twista released the Mobstability album with his group, Speedknot Mobstaz in 1998. The album went gold and it was another dope project he was associated with. Despite the long layoff, Twista went platinum again with the Kamikaze album that dropped in the beginning of 2004. Kamikaze went in another direction, but it was the same Twista spitting that good stuff. The Day After was released at the beginning of the 4th of quarter in 2005. This time Twista went gold and he didn’t have the Legendary Traxster producing for him now. Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, Pharrell, Jamie Foxx, Lil Kim, Trey Songz, Juvenile and a few others appeared. Girl Tonite was his big hit off the Day After and it featured Trey Songz on the hook. The track sampled Ready for the World’s Tonight and it was dope.

The Day After is probably my 3rd favorite album from Twista. The album was well received and if you’re a fan of Twista you probably liked it also. If you haven’t heard it before or it’s been a while check out the stream links below. Before that, peep the track listing for Twista’s fifth album, The Day After. Girl Tonite, Lavish, Do Wrong, Heartbeat and Chocolate Fe’s and Redbones are my top 5 tracks.

  1. The Day After ft. Syleena Johnson
  2. Check That Hoe
  3. Chocolate Fe’s and Redbones ft. Johnny P
  4. Get It How You Live
  5. Lavish ft. Pharrell
  6. Girl Tonite ft. Trey Songz
  7. Do Wrong ft. Lil Kim
  8. Heartbeat
  9. Holding Down the Game
  10. When I Get You Home (A.I.O.U) ft. Jamie Foxx & Pharrell
  11. So Lonely ft. Mariah Carey
  12. Had to Call ft. Snoop Dogg & Sleepy Eyed Jones
  13. Out Here ft. Juvenile & Speedknot Mobstaz
  14. I’m a Winner
  15. Hit the Floor ft. Pitbull

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