How to Make Your First Roof DIY Repair
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How to Make Your First Roof DIY Repair

 How to Make Your First Roof DIY Repair

Do you need to make some quick repairs on your roof, but are a complete novice in this field? Don’t worry, roof repairs are much more comfortable than it may seem, and some things you’re likely to be able to complete on your own. Below are some DIY roof repair tips for the inexperienced.

Clean the Debris from the Gutter

Gutters channel water from the roof to the sewers. One problem commonly occurs with the gutters, and this is debris. Leaves, plastic bags that fly on the wind, sometimes even dead birds or rats, all can clog the drain. This can create a small pond on your roof, resulting in leakage or even some more significant damage.

Cleaning the debris is a significant, comfortable, yet commonly understated, DIY roof repairs everyone can complete! Just grab a ladder, a pair of gloves, and you can begin! Cleaning is as simple as it sounds; just remember to stay safe.

Easy Shingle Repair

Another problem that can ruin the roof’s functionality is missing shingles. Sure, if you need to replace an entire roof, you should contact a professional, but there’s no reason why you can’t deal with a missing shingle or two. A common sign of a missing shingle is black residue inside the drains. Once again, you’ll need ladders to climb up the roof for this one. Don’t forget to bring the best pair of roofing shoes you can find, to save yourself from slipping.

If there is any damaged shingle, carefully remove it. Make sure to scrape any cement under it, so everything is clear. Remove all the nails, as well. Now, take a new shingle and round its corners with a sharp knife. This isn’t mandatory, but it’ll help. Align it with other shingles, and fasten it with special roofing nails that you’ll place near the corners of the shingle. As the final step, cover the nail heads with caulk or cement. This prevents any weather damage.

Use Battens

Battens hold your roof in place. They can be made from various materials, but wood battens are still the most common because of their aesthetics. Sadly, wood isn’t the most durable material, and it can quickly rot away. An excellent way to prolong the life span of the batten is to place them in two directions. This way, you’ll ensure airflow, which is an excellent way to prevent rot from appearing.

The good idea is to replace wood battens with metal ones, as well. This will eliminate the chances of weather damage altogether.

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